FDC Prototype Studies (3/2005): GlueX-doc-453

FDC Prototype Studies (8/2005): GlueX-doc-526

FDC Beam Test Plan (12/2005): GlueX-doc-573

FDC Timing Algorithm Development (4/2006): GlueX-doc-601

Deflections of Cathode Planes Due to Electrostatic Pressure (7/2006): GlueX-doc-668

FDC Progress Report (9/2006): GlueX-doc-681

FDC DOE Report -- September 2006: (pdf)

FDC Geometry and Channel Count (11/2006): GlueX-doc-705

FDC Design Specifications (2/2007): GlueX-doc-740

FDC Technical Design Report (3/2008): GlueX-doc-754

Proposal to Reduce FDC Frame Thickness (4/2007): GlueX-doc-800

Drift Chamber Material Budget (6/2007): GlueX-doc-805

Wire Sample Results from Electron Microscope Scans (3/2008): GlueX-doc-1002

Electrical Characterization of the CDC and FDC Detectors (10/2008): GlueX-doc-1131

Effect of Staggering Wire Positions (9/2009): GlueX-doc-1323

Tests of the New GlueX Preamplifier - GAS-II and GPC-11 (10/2009): GlueX-doc-1364

First Test of the FDC Full-Scale Prototype (11/2009): GlueX-doc-1384

Production Sense Wire SEM Reports (2010):
    Sense sample 1, Sense sample 2, Sense sample 3, Sense sample 4

Last modified: March 2, 2010
Daniel S. Carman