Hall D Single-Person Shifts

Single-person shifts are introduced temporarily, responding to travel restrictions in spring 2020 caused by the COVID19 pandemia.

The single shift worker must assume all the regular shift worker responsibilities and observe all the rules outlined in the COO, ESAD, RSAD and other standard documents. Additionally, the worker should observe the following rules:

  1. The single shift worker should not leave the counting house to enter the hall, if there is no assigned person left in the counting house.

  2. The single shift worker should carry the special cell phone all the time, to be contacted if being outside of the control room for a short period.

  3. All 4 control rooms for halls A-D are equipped with video cameras. The pictures from these cameras should be displayed on a monitor in the control room. The worker should look from time to time to the Hall B picture (another hall with single shift workers). In case of an anomaly he/she should call the assigned Hall B number. In case of no answer the MCC should be notified.

The associated official documents and rules are available: