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GlueX Shift Nomenclature and Institutional Contacts

AcronymName of InstituteLocationSister InstituteContactEmail
ASU Arizona State University Domestic - Michael Dugger
ATHENS University of Athens Foreign - Christina Kourkoumelis
BONN University of Bonn - HISKP Foreign - Annika Thiel
CMU Carnegie Mellon University Domestic Reinhard Schumacher
CUA Catholic University of America Domestic Greg Kalicy
CWM College of William and Mary Local Justin Stevens
DUKE Duke University Domestic - Andrew Smith
Haiyan Gao
FIU Florida International University Domestic Joerg Reinhold
Werner Boeglin
FSU Florida State University Domestic Paul Eugenio
GLASGOW Glasgow University Foreign Bryan McKinnon
Peter Hurck
GSI GSI Darmstadt Foreign Jochen Schwiening
Klaus Peters
Roman Dzhygadlo
GSIFFN GSI-FFN Foreign - James Ritman
Susan Schadmand
GWU George Washington University Domestic Igor Strakovsky
IHEP Institute of High Energy Physics Foreign Beijiang Liu
INDIANA Indiana University Domestic Amy Schertz
Colin Gleason
Malte Albrecht
Matthew Shepherd
Rebecca Barsotti
Ryan Mitchell
ITEP ITEP Moscow Foreign Victor Tarasov
JLAB Jefferson Laboratory Local - Alexandre Deur
Benedikt Zihlmann
Eugene Chudakov
LAMAR Lamar University Domestic - Philip Cole
MEPHI MEPhI Foreign Sergei Somov
MIT MIT Domestic Michael Williams
MTA Mount Alison University Foreign - David Hornidge
NCATS North Carolina A&T State Domestic Ashot Gasparian
NSU Norfolk State University Local - Carlos Salgado
ODU Old Dominion University Local - Moskov Amaryan
REGINA Univ. of Regina Foreign Zisis Papandreou
SMU Santa Maria University Foreign JLAB Hayk Hakobyan
Will Brooks
TSU Tomsk State University Foreign Valery Lyubovitskij
UCONN University of Connecticut Domestic Richard Jones
UMASSA Univ. of Massachusetts, Amherst Domestic Rory Miskimen
UNCW Univ. of North Carolina, Wilmington Domestic Liping Gan
WUHAN Wuhan University Foreign - Jane Zhang
YERE Yerevan Physics Institute Foreign Hrachya Marukyan

Total: 33 member institutes, 46 IRs and 82 shift takers. Mailing list: .
Written by D. Protopopescu, adapted and maintained by R. A. Schumacher. Send any queries or bug reports to gluexshiftbot