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DBCALUnifiedHit Class Reference

#include <DBCALUnifiedHit.h>

+ Inheritance diagram for DBCALUnifiedHit:

Public Member Functions

void toStrings (vector< pair< string, string > > &items) const

Public Attributes

int module
int layer
int sector
DBCALGeometry::End end
float E
float t
 Unified time, obtained from ADC and/or TDC and used for further analysis. More...
float t_ADC
 Time from fADC. More...
float t_TDC
 Time of TDC hit that is closes t to the ADC time. More...
bool has_TDC_hit
 Flag if the Unified Time is the TDC time. More...
int cellId

Detailed Description

Definition at line 12 of file DBCALUnifiedHit.h.

Member Function Documentation

void DBCALUnifiedHit::toStrings ( vector< pair< string, string > > &  items) const

Definition at line 38 of file DBCALUnifiedHit.h.

References layer.

Member Data Documentation

int DBCALUnifiedHit::cellId

Definition at line 36 of file DBCALUnifiedHit.h.

Referenced by DBCALUnifiedHit_factory::evnt(), and DBCALPoint_factory::evnt().

bool DBCALUnifiedHit::has_TDC_hit

Flag if the Unified Time is the TDC time.

Definition at line 34 of file DBCALUnifiedHit.h.

Referenced by DBCALPoint::DBCALPoint(), and DBCALUnifiedHit_factory::evnt().

float DBCALUnifiedHit::t
float DBCALUnifiedHit::t_TDC

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