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DDIRCTDCHit Class Reference

#include <DDIRCTDCHit.h>

+ Inheritance diagram for DDIRCTDCHit:

Public Member Functions

 Holds TDC Hit time for DIRC. More...
 DDIRCTDCHit (uint32_t rocid=0, uint32_t slot=0, uint32_t channel=0, uint32_t itrigger=0, uint32_t dev_id=0, uint32_t ievent_cnt=0, uint32_t channel_fpga=0, uint32_t edge=0, uint32_t time=0)
void toStrings (vector< pair< string, string > > &items) const
bool operator== (const DDAQAddress &d)

Public Attributes

uint32_t dev_id
 device id More...
uint32_t ievent_cnt
 event_cnt (from device ID) More...
uint32_t channel_fpga
 0-191 from TDCHit word More...
uint32_t edge
 0=leading edge 1=trailing edge More...
uint32_t time
 16 bit relative to beginning of defined readout window More...
uint32_t rocid
uint32_t slot
uint32_t channel
uint32_t itrigger

Detailed Description

Definition at line 14 of file DDIRCTDCHit.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

DDIRCTDCHit::DDIRCTDCHit ( uint32_t  rocid = 0,
uint32_t  slot = 0,
uint32_t  channel = 0,
uint32_t  itrigger = 0,
uint32_t  dev_id = 0,
uint32_t  ievent_cnt = 0,
uint32_t  channel_fpga = 0,
uint32_t  edge = 0,
uint32_t  time = 0 

Definition at line 21 of file DDIRCTDCHit.h.

Member Function Documentation


Holds TDC Hit time for DIRC.

bool DDAQAddress::operator== ( const DDAQAddress d)
void DDIRCTDCHit::toStrings ( vector< pair< string, string > > &  items) const

Definition at line 32 of file DDIRCTDCHit.h.

References channel_fpga, dev_id, edge, ievent_cnt, time, and DDAQAddress::toStrings().

Member Data Documentation

uint32_t DDIRCTDCHit::channel_fpga

0-191 from TDCHit word

Definition at line 26 of file DDIRCTDCHit.h.

Referenced by toStrings().

uint32_t DDIRCTDCHit::dev_id

device id

Definition at line 24 of file DDIRCTDCHit.h.

Referenced by toStrings(), and DEVIOBufferWriter::WriteDircData().

uint32_t DDIRCTDCHit::edge

0=leading edge 1=trailing edge

Definition at line 27 of file DDIRCTDCHit.h.

Referenced by DTranslationTable::CopyDIRCTDCInfo(), and toStrings().

uint32_t DDIRCTDCHit::ievent_cnt

event_cnt (from device ID)

Definition at line 25 of file DDIRCTDCHit.h.

Referenced by toStrings().

uint32_t DDAQAddress::rocid

Definition at line 32 of file DDAQAddress.h.

Referenced by DTranslationTable::ApplyTranslationTable(), DTTabUtilities::Convert_DigiTimeToNs_CAEN1290TDC(), DTTabUtilities::Convert_DigiTimeToNs_F1TDC(), Df125PulseIntegral_cmp(), Df125PulsePedestal_cmp(), Df125PulseRawData_cmp(), Df125PulseTime_cmp(), Df125TriggerTime_cmp(), Df125WindowRawData_cmp(), DF1TDCHit_cmp(), DF1TDCTriggerTime_cmp(), Df250PulseIntegral_cmp(), Df250PulsePedestal_cmp(), Df250PulseRawData_cmp(), Df250PulseTime_cmp(), Df250TriggerTime_cmp(), Df250WindowRawData_cmp(), JEventSource_EVIOpp::EmulateDf125Firmware(), Df125EmulatorAlgorithm_v2::EmulateFirmware(), Df250EmulatorAlgorithm_v1::EmulateFirmware(), Df250EmulatorAlgorithm_v2::EmulateFirmware(), Df250EmulatorAlgorithm_v3::EmulateFirmware(), JEventProcessor_CDC_expert::evnt(), JEventProcessor_pedestal_online::evnt(), Df250PulseIntegral_factory::evnt(), JEventProcessor_TPOL_tree::evnt(), JEventProcessor_scanf250::evnt(), DDIRCLEDRef_factory::evnt(), JEventProcessor_CDC_expert_2::evnt(), DTPOLHit_factory::evnt(), JEventProcessor_DAQTreeBCAL::evnt(), JEventProcessor_CDC_roc_hits::evnt(), JEventProcessor_cdc_emu::evnt(), DTOFHit_factory::evnt(), JEventProcessor_DAQTree::evnt(), JEventProcessor_DAQ_online::evnt(), JEventProcessor_lowlevel_online::evnt(), JEventProcessor_CDC_Efficiency::Fill_Efficiency_Histos(), JEventProcessor_pedestals::GetHist(), DDAQAddress::operator==(), DDAQAddress::toStrings(), DEVIOBufferWriter::WriteCAEN1290Data(), DEVIOBufferWriter::WriteDircData(), DEVIOBufferWriter::Writef125Data(), DEVIOBufferWriter::WriteF1Data(), and DEVIOBufferWriter::Writef250Data().

uint32_t DDAQAddress::slot
uint32_t DDIRCTDCHit::time

16 bit relative to beginning of defined readout window

Definition at line 28 of file DDIRCTDCHit.h.

Referenced by DTranslationTable::CopyDIRCTDCInfo(), and toStrings().

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