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HDEVIO::EVIOBlockRecord Class Reference

#include <HDEVIO.h>

Public Attributes

streampos pos
uint32_t block_len
bool swap_needed
vector< EVIOEventRecordevio_events
uint64_t first_event
uint64_t last_event
BLOCKTYPE block_type

Detailed Description

Definition at line 153 of file HDEVIO.h.

Member Data Documentation

uint32_t HDEVIO::EVIOBlockRecord::block_len

Definition at line 156 of file HDEVIO.h.

Referenced by HDEVIO::MapBlocks(), HDEVIO::ReadFileMap(), and HDEVIO::readNoFileBuff().

BLOCKTYPE HDEVIO::EVIOBlockRecord::block_type

Definition at line 161 of file HDEVIO.h.

Referenced by HDEVIO::MapBlocks(), and HDEVIO::ReadFileMap().

vector<EVIOEventRecord> HDEVIO::EVIOBlockRecord::evio_events
uint64_t HDEVIO::EVIOBlockRecord::first_event
uint64_t HDEVIO::EVIOBlockRecord::last_event
streampos HDEVIO::EVIOBlockRecord::pos
bool HDEVIO::EVIOBlockRecord::swap_needed

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