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JEventProcessor_FDC_Efficiency Class Reference

#include <JEventProcessor_FDC_Efficiency.h>

+ Inheritance diagram for JEventProcessor_FDC_Efficiency:

Public Member Functions

 JEventProcessor_FDC_Efficiency ()
 ~JEventProcessor_FDC_Efficiency ()
const char * className (void)

Private Member Functions

jerror_t init (void)
 Called once at program start. More...
jerror_t brun (jana::JEventLoop *eventLoop, int32_t runnumber)
 Called everytime a new run number is detected. More...
jerror_t evnt (jana::JEventLoop *eventLoop, uint64_t eventnumber)
 Called every event. More...
jerror_t erun (void)
 Called everytime run number changes, provided brun has been called. More...
jerror_t fini (void)
 Called after last event of last event source has been processed. More...

Private Attributes

bool dIsNoFieldFlag
vector< vector< DFDCWire * > > fdcwires
vector< double > fdcz
vector< double > fdcrmin
double fdcrmax

Detailed Description

Definition at line 37 of file JEventProcessor_FDC_Efficiency.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

JEventProcessor_FDC_Efficiency::JEventProcessor_FDC_Efficiency ( )

Definition at line 67 of file JEventProcessor_FDC_Efficiency.cc.

JEventProcessor_FDC_Efficiency::~JEventProcessor_FDC_Efficiency ( )

Definition at line 75 of file JEventProcessor_FDC_Efficiency.cc.

Member Function Documentation

jerror_t JEventProcessor_FDC_Efficiency::brun ( jana::JEventLoop *  eventLoop,
int32_t  runnumber 

Called everytime a new run number is detected.

Definition at line 183 of file JEventProcessor_FDC_Efficiency.cc.

References dapp, fdcwires, DApplication::GetBfield(), DApplication::GetDGeometry(), and DGeometry::GetFDCWires().

const char* JEventProcessor_FDC_Efficiency::className ( void  )

Definition at line 41 of file JEventProcessor_FDC_Efficiency.h.

jerror_t JEventProcessor_FDC_Efficiency::erun ( void  )

Called everytime run number changes, provided brun has been called.

Definition at line 564 of file JEventProcessor_FDC_Efficiency.cc.

jerror_t JEventProcessor_FDC_Efficiency::fini ( void  )

Called after last event of last event source has been processed.

Definition at line 575 of file JEventProcessor_FDC_Efficiency.cc.

Member Data Documentation

DGeometry* JEventProcessor_FDC_Efficiency::dgeom

Definition at line 49 of file JEventProcessor_FDC_Efficiency.h.

bool JEventProcessor_FDC_Efficiency::dIsNoFieldFlag

Definition at line 50 of file JEventProcessor_FDC_Efficiency.h.

double JEventProcessor_FDC_Efficiency::fdcrmax

Definition at line 54 of file JEventProcessor_FDC_Efficiency.h.

vector<double> JEventProcessor_FDC_Efficiency::fdcrmin

Definition at line 53 of file JEventProcessor_FDC_Efficiency.h.

vector< vector< DFDCWire * > > JEventProcessor_FDC_Efficiency::fdcwires

Definition at line 51 of file JEventProcessor_FDC_Efficiency.h.

vector<double> JEventProcessor_FDC_Efficiency::fdcz

Definition at line 52 of file JEventProcessor_FDC_Efficiency.h.

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