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MEGroup Specifications by WBS

WBS 2.0 - Beam Transport and Magnets

21112-001 Magnet BD Assy
21112-101 Corrector BS Injector Magnet
21113-001 Magnet BT Production Assy
21113-002 Corrector BT Coil Production
21114-001 Magnet BM Production Assy
21114-002 Corrector BM Coil Production
21115-001 Magnet BC Production Assy
21115-002 Corrector BC Coil Production
21122-001 Magnet QB Production Coil
21122-002 Magnet QB Production Assy
21122-003 Magnet QB Production Lamination
22133-001 Magnet Coil Accel Extraction & Beam Dump Dipole
22133-002 Magnet Core Accel Extraction & Beam Dump Dipole & Assy
22152-001 Magnet BA Coil
22152-002 Magnet BA Core
22161-001 Magnet S/R Dogleg Coil
22161-002 Magnet S/R Dogleg Core
22161-003 Magnet S/R Dogleg Diple Assy
22161-004 Magnet S/R Coil Fitting Rebraze
22161-005 Bend Dipole End Shim Installation Inventory
22162-001 Magnet AZ Air Core Design and Magnetic Measurement
22232-001 Magnet QA Production
22232-002 Magnet QA Production Lamination
22232-003 Magnet QA Production Coil
22253-001 Magnet QC Production Assy
22253-003 Magnet QC Production Coil
22312-001 Magnet SA SB Production Coil
22312-002 Magnet SA SB Production Sextupole Assy
22421-002 Magnet YA Septa Back Coil A1b
22421-003 Magnet YA Septa Back Coil A1s
22421-004 Magnet Magnet YA Septa Core
22421-005 Magnet YA Septa Front Coil
22431-002 Magnet YA Septa Back Coil B1b
22431-003 Magnet YA Septa Coil B1s
22431-004 Magnet YA Septa Core
22440-001 Lamberston Coil
22440-002 Lamberston Core
22440-003 Lamberston Coil Septa Magnet Manufacture Requirement
22441-002 Magnet YA Septa Back Coil R2b
22441-003 Magnet YA Septa Macro Parameter
22441-004 Magnet YR Septa Core
22441-005 Magnet YR Septa Coil R2s
22441-006 Magnet YR8 Coil Manufacture
22510-002 Base and Ceiling Plate Position NW Corner
22621-001 Vacuum Sys Beam Transport 11 Liter Second Ion Pump
22621-002 High Voltage Hipotronic HD140 Test
22621-003 High Voltage Cable Handling
22621-004 Vacuum Sys Beam Transport 30 Liter Second Ion Pump
22631-001 Ultra High Vacuum Equipment Fab
22632-001 Ultra High Vacuum Component Clean & Handling
22633-001 Ultra High Vacuum Component Weld
22634-001 Ultra High Vacuum Component Helium Leak Test
22641-001 Vacuum Tube 316 Stainless Steel Arc Dipole
22641-002 Vacuum Tube 316 Stainless Steel High Tube
22641-003 Vacuum Flexible Coupling
22641-004 Vacuum Chamber Clean Tank
22641-005 Cross Tee & Spool
22641-007 Vacuum Sys Arc Dipole Tube Installation & Align
22651-001 Vacuum Chamber Quadrupole & Sextupole
22661-001 Vacuum Chamber Drift
22661-002 Vacuum Sys Arc Connection
22661-003 Vacuum Sys Arc Pump Down
22661-004 Vacuum Sys Arc Leak Check
22661-005 Vacuum Sys Arc Disconnect
22661-006 Vacuum Chamber Dipole Special
22661-007 Vacuum Sys Arc Differential Pump Station Checkout
22661-009 Vacuum Sys Arc Generic Bleed & Pump Down Check
22661-010 Vacuum Sys Component Installation
23661-001 Ultra High Vacuum Application Stainless Steel Flange
24121-001 Magnet BL Coil Chicane Dipole
24121-002 Magnet BL Production Assy
24212-101 Magnet QJ Coil Weak Injector Quadrupole
24212-102 Magnet QJ Assy
28220-002 LCW Hose Connection Arc East Dipole
28220-003 LCW Arc West Dipole Manifold Fab
28220-004 LCW Magnet Installation S/R East
28220-005 LCW Magnet Installation Arc West
28220-006 LCW Magnet Installation Linac North South
28220-007 LCW Hose Connection Arc West Dipole
28220-008 LCW Hose Connection S/R East
28220-011 LCW Pump Skid Hook up
28220-013 LCW Magnet Installation S/R West
28220-014 LCW Magnet Installation Transport Channel Recombiner
28220-016 LCW Magnet Installation BSY
28220-017 LCW Hose Connection S/R West BSY Recombiner
28220-018 LCW Power Supply Pipe Box
28220-019 LCW Linac North Power Intermediate Tune Up Dump
28220-020 LCW BSY Transport Channel Flow
28401-0001 Machine Element Count Mechanical Sys Group
28401-0002 Girder Assy Quad Per Installation Module
28401-003 Chicane Work
28401-004 Magnet S/R Lift
28401-005 Component Installation Accel Tunnel Stand
28401-006 Magnet S/R Master Polarity Assignment
28401-007 Girder Assy Arc West Tab 0º - 180º
28401-009 Component Installation BSY & Transport Tunnel Pedestal
28401-011 Magnet BX BZ Dogleg Stand & Dipole Installation
28401-013 Low Velocity Explosive Actuated Fasten Tool Operate
28401-201 Magnet BK Assy
28401-202 Corrector BK Coil Production
28421-002 Magnet & Girder Handling
28431-001 Fixture Production Arc Dipole Reference
28431-002 Fixture Production Multipole Align Reference
28431-003 Fixture Production Side Mount Quadrupole
28440-001 Magnet QD Fiducial
28470-001 Magnet S/R Installation
28470-001P Magnet Installation
28470-002P Girder Warm Region Assy
0426-90 Magnet S/R Dogleg Dipole
0716-90 Linac North Component Stand Installation
0806-90 Magnet Beam Transport Vacuum Tube Assy
196-112-ES Dipole Magnet 10 PPM Box Power Supply
91790-200 Q/A CEBAF Specification
9221-300-1 Dipole Bend Magnet Coil
9221-301-1 Dipole Bend Magnet Core Arc
928220-001 LCW Distrib Sys Arc East Installation
9284-200-1 Q/A Beam Transport Sys Component Requirement
9284-200-2 Q/A Magnet Receipt & Mechanical Inspection
9284-200-3 Dipole BR Q/C Quality Control Document
9284-200-4 Dipole BA Q/C Quality Control Document
9284-400-1 Magnet Quadrupole Measurement Probe