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Bending Dipole Spare Coil Inventory


This page itemizes the inventory of spare coils for CEBAF bending dipoles.  These coils are stored in nine crates located on the roof of the Old Injector Test Cave, near the MagTest Area in the Test Lab.  Eventually, these crates will be moved to an off-site storage facility.  At that time, access to these crates must be made through J-Lab Shipping and Receiving.

Documenation and Photos of Crate Contents

  • List of Spare Coil Quantities Arranged by Magnet Style    [Note: this is a HTML formatted Excel 2000 file.  It takes ~ 15 seconds to open in Netscape so be patient.  It also looses some formatting when viewed with a web browser so if you want the real deal download the file and open it in Excel.]
  • Detailed List of Spare Coils Arranged by Crate
  • Crate Name
    Content Description
    Magnets #5
    AA, AB, AE, AF, AG, AH, AI, AL, AM, AN, AO, AY, BX Coils
    Crate  Photo-1 Photo-2
    Magnets #6
    AV, BB, BR Coils
    Crate  Photo-1Photo-2 Photo-3
    Magnets #7
    BA, BJ Coils
     Crate Photo-1
    Magnets #8
    AH, AI, AL, AM, AU, AY, BW, BY Coils
     Crate Photo-1
    Magnets #9
    BB, BP, BZ Coils
    Crate  Photo-1 Photo-2
    Magnets #10
    AQ, AS, AW, AX, BE, BN, BQ Coils
     Crate    Photo-1
    Magnets #11
    AV Coils
    Crate  Photo-1
    Magnets #12
    LA Coil and Potting Fixture
    Crate  LA-Coil LA-PottingFixture
    Magnets #13
    YR Coils
    Crate    Photo-1
    Magnets #14
    BR Steel Core
    Crate    Photo-1
    Magnets #15
    BA, BJ Coils
    Crate    Photo-1    Photo-2

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