Jefferson Lab Magnet Measurement Facility

Quadrupole (QA, QB, QC) Lamination Spare Hardware Inventory


This page summarizes spare hardware for the QA, QB, and QC quadrupoles.  This includes spare laminations, spare core assembly hardware, lamination dies, lamination stacking fixtures, and stacking fixture presses.

All items are contained in four crates that are stored at the Blue Crab storage facility.  Access to these crates can be made through J-Lab Shipping & Receiving.

Documenation and Photos of Crate Contents

Crate Name
Content Description
Magnets #1
Lamination Box Sets (both sizes)
Crate  Photo-1  Photo-2  Photo-3
Magnets #2
Lamination Box Sets (both sizes)
Crate    Photo-1
Magnets #3
QA Laminations Box Sets, Prototype Cores, Stacking Fixtures and Dies
Crate    Photo-1   Photo-2   Photo-3 ProtoCore    ProtoQuadrants  StackFixt
Magnets #4
Stacking Fixture
Crate    StackFixt-1  StackFixt-2

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