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Transportainer Inventory 55 Gallon Drums In Very Back of Trans, Needs to Be Removed2005-10-26
Transportainer Inventory Bunch Of Misc. Vacuum Components ( Some New/Used, Needs To Be Removed)2005-10-26
Transportainer Inventory All Kinds of Misc. Plumbing Components( Big Elbows, Unions, Couplers, etc.)2005-10-26
Summary of Partially Machined Dipole Cores Two crates of partially machined dipole cores were received in May of 1999 from PECO, the original manufacturer of the CEBAF dipoles. In July of 1999, these crates were unloaded by Kevin Sullivan and the pieces inventoried. A Q/C inspection sheet was filled out for each core recording rough dimensions (measuring over rust) and any obvious visual defects. Photographs were also taken of each item and are available at the MagTest website. Each piece was numbered with a paint pen. These "J-Lab Core IDs" are obvious in the photos and used in the tables below. The core pieces were then placed back in the crates for storage. Certification paperwork provided by PECO and the J-Lab Q/C inspection forms can be found in the MagTest File Cabinet #2 (Arc Building, 402-10) in the folder "MAGTEST-MISC-DIPOLE-14".2005-10-26
Crate #1-One Meter Cores All cores have two lifting eye holes except #9 which only has one and #12 which does not have any. Received documentation from PECO certifying all BE cores listed above were annealed. Steel cores used in 10-2005 were used by Robin for 12 GeV prototyping. 2005-10-26
Crate #2- Two Meter Cores Could not locate PECO IDs on core, based on supplied paperwork. All cores have two lifting eye holes. Received documentation from PECO certifying annealing for J-Lab ID #1, #2, #5. Other cores have discrepancies with paperwork.2005-10-26
Summary of Surplus Steel Billets There are 15 steel billets left over from the original manufacturing of the two meter and three meter arc dipoles.The billets are stamped with the steel heat number and serial number.A brief inventory was performed on July 27, 1999 and summarized in the table below.Photographs were taken and are available at the MagTest web site. Note:widths of all billets are approximately 10.5 inches2005-10-26
Quadrupole (QA, QB, QC) Lamination Spare Hardware Inventory In September 2000 K. Sullivan performed a detailed inventory of these items. At that time multiple pallets, crates, and loose items were consolidated into the crates listed below. These final crates were weighed and stenciled with the ID names and weights. 2000-09-29
Crate “Magnets #1” Contents- QA and QB Lamination box sets *Boxes whose “label name” was assigned by MagTest at time of this inventory- **“Heavy Back” refers to boxes of laminations where the return leg part of the lamination is thicker (~ 0.0001) than the pole tip. These were stamped from an irregular thickness roll of steel and caught during lamination Q/A.2000-09-29
Crate “Magnets #2” Contents- QA, QB, and QC Lamination box sets * Boxes whose “label name” was assigned by MagTest at time of this inventory2000-09-29
Crate “Magnets #3” Contents- QA Lamination box sets, prototype cores & quadrants, stacking fixtures, lamination dies * Boxes whose “label name” was assigned by MagTest at time of this inventory- ** “QA Scrap” refers to boxes of laminations that were assembled from the handful of laminations leftover from each built quad.The exact count per box is not known.2000-09-29
Bending Dipole Spare Coil Inventory This is the inventory of spare coils for CEBAF bending dipoles. These coils are stored in nine crates located on the roof of the Old Injector Test Cave, near the MagTest Area in the Test Lab. Eventually, these crates will be moved to an off-site storage facility. At that time, access to these crates must be made through J-Lab Shipping and Receiving. 2001-01-09
Crate “Magnets #5” Contents- 22 coils total - AA, AB, AE, AF, AG, AH, AI, AL, AM, AN, AO, AY, BX * could not see ID, used past doc- ** These spare coils were used to manufacture Robin’s 12 GeV Dipole 10-20052001-01-09
Crate “Magnets #8” Contents- 23 coils total - AH, AI, AL, AM, AU, AY, BN, BW, BY * not sure of ID, could not see it clearly2001-01-09
Crate “Magnets #12” Contents- LA coil and potting fixture * Lambertson coil was used in tunnel for years before being swapped in May 98. Don’t recall what was wrong with it.2001-01-09
Crate “Magnets #13” Contents- 2 coils total - YR * Both YR coils were identified to have flaws during July 1999 YR rework. Coil “L-03” had a significant number of shorts to ground and epoxy dry spots. Coil “R-04” had a turn-to-turn short. For details see the YR pages under the MagTest website.2001-01-09
SF and GW Tooling Inventory This shows and lists some of the inventory of the crate, (labeled ‘FEL Magnets16’) from New England Technicoil, containing the tooling (winding forms, molds and misc hardware) from the GW and SF magnet manufacture and assembly. This crate is stored in off site storage (Blue Crab). Access to this crate must be made through J-Lab Shipping and Receiving.2005-10-11
Billets 2 =3" holes, 4 = 1" holes, 4 = 1" bolts...2006-07-07