Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)


Cover Sheet

                        Division Serial Number 

                        (Assigned by Division EH&S Officer after approvals)

Issue Date:  October 8, 2002-2


Operation of a Danfysik Power Supply in the Magnet Measurement Area

Location: Bldg 58 Rm 128

Risk classification                                             Without mitigation measures: 4   

(See EH&S Manual  Chapter

3210.)                                                              With specified measures implemented: 2

Author(s): T. Hiatt


Supplemental technical validations:

Hazard reviewed: 

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Energized Equipment





EH&S staff reviewer: 

Division EH&S Officer approval:  C. Reece

Department or group approval:  T. Hiatt

Other approval(s):


                                                Copies to: affected area, authors, division EH&S officer

                                                Original: EH&S Reporting Manager