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Semi-Inclusive Reactions (SIR) Workshop 2005

International Workshop on Semi-Inclusive Reactions and 3D-Parton Distributions

May 18-20, 2005
Jefferson Lab, Newport News, Virginia, USA

Parton distributions have recently been generalized to describe the observables accessible in electroproduction with additional hadron(s) detected in the final state. As a result, two sets of 3-dimensional parton distributions have been introduced: transverse momentum dependent (TMD) distributions describing semi-inclusive processes; and Generalized Parton Distributions (GPD) describing exclusive hard-scattering processes.

We are organizing this workshop in order to bring together theorists and experimentalists to discuss the details of nucleon structure that can be probed in semi-inclusive reactions. We plan to focus on the role of quark orbital angular momentum, TMD parton distributions, dynamical origins of single-spin asymmetries and complementarity between partonic description of hard processes in terms of GPD and TMD. This approach will augment the presently established role of semi-inclusive reactions as a tool for flavor separation of parton distributions, and help identify directions for further development of this quickly emerging field.

Important dates
Abstract submission deadline: April 3, 2005
Notification of acceptance: April 5, 2005
Early registration deadline (Extended) : April 20,2005

Contact Information
For information on the workshop program, please contact Andrei Afanasev at or Harut Avakian at

For all other inquiries about the workshop, including registration, contact the workshop secretariat at the address below:

Jefferson Lab
SIR2005 Workshop Secretariat
12000 Jefferson Avenue, MS12H
Newport News, Virginia 23606

Workshop Sponsors: Jefferson Lab, Rutgers University, College of William and Mary, Temple University.

Organizing Committee: A. Afanasev (JLab, chair), H. Avakian (JLab, co-chair), P. Bosted (JLab), C.E. Carlson (William & Mary), Z.E. Meziani (Temple U.)