CEBAF Nomenclature Document

The purpose of the CEBAF Nomenclature Document (CND) is to provide Jefferson Lab employees with a standard system of unique names to represent specific pieces of accelerator and experimental equipment. Up to nine alphanumeric characters are used to identify a particular equipment, its system, and its location. Nomenclature identification is used on drawings, schematics, computer software, and other sources of information.

Onsite users can directly browse, search, and translate nomenclature using the nomenclature database interface here.

Nomenclature Administrator: Chase Dubbe, x7709,
Operations Manager: Steve Suhring, x7670,

Additions/Changes to CND Codes Process: Contact Nomenclature Admin, with definition and suggested 2-letter code. You will receive e-mail when the definition/change has been approved and added to the CND.


Note: when looking at the CND Codes, you may use the Edit/Find feature available in most browsers to locate information about specific equipment or systems.