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Jefferson Lab can cater any onsite event, conference, meeting, or collaboration.

Catering services are available through MOMO's Cafe. Catering options include anything from breakfast and lunches to coffee breaks and snacks, available anywhere on Jefferson Lab's property. MOMO's has provided a wonderful selection of options in their Catering Menu for you to choose from.

Receptions, banquets, other evening events can only take place in common areas. Specific guidance about the alcohol policy (section D) is available in the administrative manual (login required). To discuss additional details pertaining to your event, specific menus and items, or to build a custom menu, please contact Event Services at eventservices@jlab.org.


Have a local virtual meeting and would like to treat the participants to a meal? Maybe you want to treat your team and kick that virtual meeting up a notch? MOMO's has you covered! Choose from a selection of delicious boxed breakfasts or lunches, beverages and desserts delivered to anyone within a 25-mile radius.