Chief Planning Officer

Allison Lung

Allison Lung


Phone: 757-269-7446


Allison Lung is the Chief Planning Officer of Jefferson Lab managing laboratory budgets and resources in support of the scientific mission. She now serves as the Deputy Director of the EIC Project for the Jefferson Lab Partnership. She has also served as Project Director for the 12 GeV CEBAF Upgrade, providing oversight for the construction and commissioning of the $338M project, which received the 2017 DOE Project Management Achievement Award for completion on schedule and below cost. Lung is a member of the LBNL Project Management Advisory Committee and has also served as a member of the FRIB Project Management Advisory Group and the DOE NSAC advisory committee.  She is often enlisted by the Office of Project Assessment in DOE’s Office of Science and by laboratory directors to serve as chairperson of project management and/or cost & schedule review committees, e.g. APS-U, ALS-U, LCLS-I, LCLS-II, NSTX-U Recovery, BNL RHIC Operations, DOE NP Committee of Visitors (COV), DOE High Energy Physics COV, and DOE Fusion Energy Sciences COV. Lung received her Ph.D. in physics from American University and was the particle ID coordinator during construction of the HERMES collider project in HERA at DESY in Hamburg, Germany.