Chief Planning Officer

Allison Lung

Allison Lung

Allison Lung was appointed the assistant director for the Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility in October 2002. As assistant director, Lung is responsible for formulating and leading the JLab Continual Improvement Program, and responding to requests from JLab stakeholders. She organizes support and documentation for funding campaigns and collaborates closely with the lab director in matters relating to the Lab.

Lung has worked in the field of electron scattering nuclear physics for more than 10 years, specializing in form factor and structure function measurements in the transition region from nucleon to quark degrees of freedom. From 1997 until her appointment as assistant director, she served as staff scientist in Jefferson Lab's Physics Division Experimental Hall C and as project manager for a major laboratory endeavor: the construction and installation of the G-Zero (G0) experiment.

Currently, she participates in the 12 GeV Jefferson Lab Upgrade by serving as associate project manager for Physics. In this capacity, she manages development of detailed cost, schedule and resource estimates for four experimental halls.

Lung is an adjunct professor of Physics at The College of William and Mary, and co-principal investigator of their hadronic physics group NSF research grant. She is co-spokesperson for an experiment that will measure scaling properties of light and heavy nuclei. Prior to holding these positions, she was a senior research fellow at the University of Maryland working primarily on the t20 experiment in JLab's Hall C. Her first postdoctoral position was research fellow at Caltech, where she designed, built, installed and commissioned a scintillator hodoscope for the HERMES experiment at DESY in Hamburg, Germany, where she also served as Particle ID coordinator for the HERMES collaboration.

She is a member of the American Physical Society's Division of Nuclear Physics. Lung has taught graduate course work at William and Mary in nuclear and particle physics. She has served on the DOE's Nuclear Science Advisory Committee Long Range Plan Working Group, National Ignition Facility Review Prep Team, and NSF Site Visit Committee to Indiana University Cyclotron Facility, as well as numerous Jefferson Lab committees.

Lung received her Ph.D. in physics from American University in 1992 following a B.S. from the same institute.