Budget and Program Support Office

The Laboratory Budget and Program Support Office is responsible for lab-wide and division budget development, tracking, and providing budget forecasts. The Office also submits the Biennial Budget to the State of Virginia and the Annual Budget to the Department of Energy.


Contact List:

Richard Anderson, Budget Officer
Office: (757) 269-7553, email: richarda@jlab.org

Brandon Singleton, Senior Budget Analyst and Budget Analyst for COO
Office: (757) 269-5037, email: brandons@jlab.org

Chris Hayes, Senior Budget Analyst, Federal, State, et al.
Office: (757) 269-7294, email: holdzkom@jlab.org

Robert (Bob) Johnston, Senior Budget Analyst, Cost/Spend Plan
Office: (757) 269-7575, email: robertjo@jlab.org

Tanya Gaye Stewart, Budget Analyst for Theory, ES&H, CFO and CPO
Office: (757) 269-6049, email: fraites@jlab.org

Tanya Gaye Stewart, Budget Analyst for Physics
Office: (757) 269-6049, email: fraites@jlab.org

Sherize Bennett, Budget Analyst for CST, Engineering and FM&L
Office: (757) 269-7668, sbennett@jlab.org

Elizabeth (Liz) Ferguson, Budget Analyst for Accelerator NP funds
Office: (757) 269-5413, email: lizf@jlab.org