• In Remembrance Albert DeChristopher

    Commercial Supplies Group Manager - Procurement/CFO
Albert (“Al”) DeChristopher

Albert (“Al”) DeChristopher passed away on February 15. Al had been at the lab since 2007, and he was a beloved member of the Procurement Office staff.

Al interacted with so many people across the lab community over the years. Even those who did not have the opportunity to work directly with him knew him from his daily lunchtime walks around the lab regardless of weather conditions. The walk was always followed by Al sitting in a folding chair under a tree outside the building. He parked in the same spot every day, and he would get his folding chair out of his truck for the “post-walk” and then put it right back in his truck when lunch was over. One day he fell asleep in the chair, and Barbara Rice added a red nose to him without him waking up. Al took it all in stride.

He had a great sense of humor and a zest for life.  Al was a superb storyteller, and his ability to take any situation and find humor in it generated an untold number of laughs. His telling of a squirrel invasion of his truck was a favorite story and resulted in many a squirrel themed item being in his office.

When Al was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer nearly two years ago, he was determined to do everything he could to live as long as possible. The Procurement Office sent a video to him on his first day of treatment, which may be accessed by Jefferson Lab staff here

Al will be deeply missed by all who were fortunate enough to know him. Al is survived by his wife Edna and his daughter Katie and her fiancé Chris Adleson.

A service was held on Tuesday, February 22 at Zion United Methodist Church in Seaford, Virginia, and the full obituary is here: https://www.bucktroutfuneralhome.net/obituary/albert-hatch-dechristopher-jr/