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Assigned Radiation Monitor (ARMs) Information

Training Information

ARM qualification involves approximately one week of half-day training sessions, on-the-job training, a written exam, and a practical factors exercise.  You must already be RW-I qualified to become an ARM.

Classroom Training

ARM training is offered on request when multiple people require training.  Because there are multiple ARM training categories (FEL, halls, VTA, etc.), a class may cover topics which are not relevant to your particular work assignment.  However, the core radiation protection topics are the same for all ARMs.  To request that a class be scheduled or to be put on a waiting list, please contact Maya Keller at 269-6021.


To renew your ARM qualification you need to attend a refresher class and re-take the written exam.  To request a refresher class or to be put on a waiting list, please contact Maya Keller at 269-6021.

ARM Study Guide

You may get a hard copy of the ARM study guide from the RCD office, or access it here.  However, to get ARM qualified, you must complete the class, do on-the-job training, take the written exam, and pass the practical factors exercise.  Below are a few more study aids which you may find useful:


      Supplementary Review Information
     Self-study review questions
     Health Physics Society Position Paper - "Radiation Risk in Perspective"