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Form :  HPF-OSP-002

Revision: 2

Date:  8/22/2005


Radiation Work Permit

Applicable to procedure:


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Serial Number: 2006-G001

Start Date: 1-31-2006

Expiration Date:  1-31-2007


Work Area/Description of Work:   Accelerator tunnel, Hall-A, Hall-B, Hall-C, Free Electron Laser.

General access requirements for entry into any beam enclosure listed above.


Beam enclosure areas addressed by this RWP are normally designated and posted as Radiologically Controlled

Areas (RCA) and Radioactive Material Areas when accessible, except as noted in the special instructions.   Other

radiological conditions and postings may be present in the enclosure, including Radiation Areas, High Radiation

Areas, Contamination Areas, and Airborne Radioactivity Areas.  Access to these areas usually requires a minimum

of concurrence of the Radiation Control Department, and may require additional controls.

A beam enclosure is any area where primary electron beams may be present.  This RWP applies only to work in

these areas during routine access conditions.  It shall not limit the access of emergency personnel in the event of an

accelerator emergency requiring such access.


Task Description:  Perform general maintenance, equipment installation/removal, testing, walk-through, and

inspections.  This RWP shall be the radiological work control document for all work in beam enclosures

which is not specifically addressed by a Job-Specific or Standing RWP.









Work Area Radiological Conditions:


 _*__ Radiation Levels:                           _*__ Contamination Levels:                       _*__ Airborne Levels:

           Maximum_______________                 Maximum_______________                      Maximum______

           Contact   ________________                  Location_______________                        Location______

           Whole Body______________

                                                                                                         * See survey maps in Machine Operations

                _*__Other________________________________           Control Center and posted at access points for

                                  _______________________________             radiological survey data.  See continuation

                                                                                              sheet for further information and limitations.

ALARA  Estimate:      Expected cumulative dose less than 1 person rem.


 __________(Total Man-hours)  X _______________(Whole Body Exposure Rate) = ___________ Man-Rem

Training Requirements for Entry on this RWP:

               _X_Radiation Worker I             ____Radiation Worker II                ____Respirator Qualified

*Also see special instructions

Dosimetry Requirements for Entry:


               __X_TLD              ____SRPD         ____Alarming Dosimetry        ____Dose Rate meter

*Also see special instructions

               ____ Multiple Dosimetry (as specified below):




                ____ Extremity Dosimetry( as specified below):








Form :  HPF-OSP-002

Revision: 2

Date:  8/22/2005


Radiation Work Permit


Applicable to procedure:


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Protective Clothing Requirements:    None


                ____ Full Protective clothing (coveralls, booties, overshoes, cotton liners, rubber gloves, hood)


                ____ Partial protective clothing (as specified below):


                ____ Special protective clothing (as specified below):


                ____ Respiratory equipment (as specified below):




Radiological Controls Coverage Requirements:


                             ____Continuous            ____ Intermittent        __X__ None



Special Instructions/ Consideration /Stay-time Controls:


____ Dose Tracking required               ____ Pre-job briefing required          __X__ Other (as specified below)




1)       Do not enter any area posted “Radiation Area” unless authorized on the posting or by the Radiation Control Department (RCD).

2)       Do not enter any area posted “High Radiation Area” or “Contamination Area”.

3)       Do not enter any area posted “Airborne Radioactivity Area” unless specifically authorized on the posting.

4)       Do not drill, grind, or weld on any beamline components (includes girders, supports, stands, etc.) without

                 approval from the RCD.

          5)      Do not drain or open any liquid systems labeled “Potential Internal Contamination” without RCD


          6)   The following locations or systems shall be considered potentially contaminated (regardless of labeling)                                   and require notification of RCD prior to opening or entry.

a)       Any cooling water system associated with components which absorb part of the beam’s energy.

b)       Any air conditioning (HVAC) system which transports ambient air in a beam enclosure (see exceptions on continuation form).  Filter media, condensate and lubricants from any such system are to be treated as contaminated and handled only by appropriately trained workers.

c)       Beam enclosure floor drains, related piping, sumps, pumps and discharge locations.

d)       Mechanical vacuum pumps associated with the primary beam vacuum chamber or cryogenic targets.

e)       Target assemblies, or any other component on which the primary beam is directed.





Radiological Conditions that may void this RWP:







        Submitted by:__________________ ___/___/___   Work Supervisor_________________  ___/___/__

                                                                          date                                                                                date


         Approved by RCD manager (or designee)_____________________________ ___/___/___



                  This RWP is cancelled as of _______________________    by__________________________

                                                                                 Date/time                          RCD manager ( or designee)



Form :  HPF-OSP-005

Revision: 2

Date:  8/22/2005


Radiation Work Permit

Continuation Form

Applicable to procedure:


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RWP Number:  2006-G001

Date Issued:  1-31-2006





     General Instructions – Continued from Page 2




7)  All material located in a beam enclosure during beam operation must be monitored for


     radioactivity upon removal from the enclosure (see exceptions below).  An Assigned Radiation


     Monitor (ARM) may survey items for removal from the enclosure (i.e. to make accessible for 


     release survey), but shall not release any item from radiological control.  Only a qualified


     Radiological Control Technologist (RCT) may approve the release of such items as non-




8)  Notify RadCon prior to removing any beamline component from its installed location.  This


      applies to the beamline proper, beamline diagnostic equipment, girders and their components,


     support stands and any associated shielding.


9)  All stored radioactive material is the responsibility of the radioactive materials custodian for       


      the work area.


10)  No eating, drinking or smoking is permitted in beam enclosures.


11)  This RWP does not apply to visitors.  Visitors must be escorted at all times while in an RCA


     by a trained Radiation Worker, and must obtain the appropriate dosimetry from RadCon.


     Visitors may not enter ANY area posted beyond the level of RCA.


12) Upon cessation of beam operations, a radiation survey of the enclosure must be performed


      prior to allowing general access applicable to this RWP.  See specific requirements below.


13) Any “hands-on” work directly on a posted Hot Spot shall be approved by RadCon in advance.


14) Do not alter any installed shielding bearing a “Controlled Shielding Configuration” label


      without specific approval from RadCon.


15) All metal waste released from a beam enclosure as non-radioactive must be disposed of by


       means other than recycling.  Waste disposal bins that can be used for this purpose are located


       near building 72 on the accelerator site and building 90 offsite.


16) Radioactive material which causes the presence of a Radiation Area, or which has surface


      contamination in excess of applicable control limits shall not be stored out of doors


      without specific concurrence from the RadCon Manager and the Hall Leader/Operability


      Manager, as applicable.






Special Instructions






Automated, “rapid access” area monitoring systems may be used under certain conditions.  When


these systems are used, the following requirements apply.


1)  The magenta beacon at the entry door must be OFF for entry.  If not, a radiation survey is required.


2)  The system shall be tested during initial entry (by pressing a test switch and verifying beacon


      operation) under direction of the Personnel Safety System Operator (SSO).


3)  When entering via rapid access protocol, no access beyond established boundaries in these                                              areas is permitted without a specific survey of the area.


4)  When entering any area (other than the CEBAF injector) via rapid access protocol, no


     hands-on work on beam lines or targets is permitted without a survey of the affected area.


(Rapid access entry is currently permitted in Hall B, the CEBAF Injector, and the FEL)








1)  Any cryogenic target system which contains or may have contained He-3 shall be considered


     potentially internally contaminated.  Do not open, vent, or modify any such target system


     without RadCon approval.




Form :  HPF-OSP-005

Revision: 2

Date:  8/22/2005


Radiation Work Permit

Continuation Form

Applicable to procedure:


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RWP Number:  2006-G001

Date Issued:  1-31-2006





     Special Instructions – Continued from Page 3



HALL A and C




1) Certain components and spaces are subject to a buildup of low-level contamination.  Examples


    include the interior of equipment racks, ventilated electronic components such as computer CPUs,


    power supplies, etc., all ventilation fans and ductwork, and devices that may electrostatically


    collect dust from the air (including CRT monitors and photomultiplier tubes).  Routine work in


    or on this equipment does not require notification of RadCon.  However, the following tasks


    require RadCon approval and the use of PPE.


  a) Handling, cleaning or removing filter media housed in this equipment


  b) Large-scale cleaning of this equipment such as component wipe-down, vacuuming, or any


      use of compressed air for cleaning


  c) Large scale tear-out, teardown or overhaul of rack spaces.


 -  Minimum PPE for the above tasks is gloves, regardless of contamination levels.




All such equipment must be assessed for contamination by RadCon prior to release from control.




**The above controls may be modified based on assessments by RadCon**






1)  Air handling (HVAC) systems in hall B are not subject to the contamination controls described


     in the general instructions.


2)  Equipment which is not part of the beam line may be removed without a radiological survey -






3)  The radiological status of hall B is normally as follows:


      During Controlled Access - Radiologically Controlled Area, Dosimetry Required


      During Restricted Access – IF RADIOLOGICAL CONDITIONS ALLOW, the posting level


      may be reduced to Controlled Area, Dosimetry not required


   **Always check the local postings prior to entry**






1) Laser diagnostic equipment (i.e. power meters, etc.) used both in the FEL vault and drive laser


    Room may be moved between these areas provided it is surveyed by an ARM prior to removal


    from the vault and found to have no detectable radioactivity.


2) Air handling (HVAC) systems in the FEL vault are not subject to the contamination controls


     described in the general instructions.






1) The radiological status of the injector (gun area up to the North Linac gate) is as follows:


  During Controlled Access – Radiologically Controlled Area, Dosimetry Required


  During Restricted Access – Controlled Area, Dosimetry not required. 


2) Items which have resided exclusively within the injector segment may be removed without a


    radiological survey.






Note: “Beamline” means primary electron beam vacuum chamber and any other envelope in


           which the primary electron beam is contained..




To contact RadCon, call 876-1743 or 876-5342, or contact the MCC Crew Chief.




Form :  HPF-OSP-006

Revision: 2

Date:  8/22/2005


Radiation Work Permit

Briefing Sheet

Applicable to procedure:


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RWP Number: 2006-G001

Date Issued: 1/31/2006


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