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JLab Tours

This page is intended for management of tour activity that requires dosimetry. Use the "New Tour" link to the left to create a new tour, including small family tours. Once you have created a tour, you will be able to add visitors or invite visitors to sign themselves up. Steps are listed below:

  • Important notes
    • No one under 18 can enter radiological areas.
    • All persons must wear closed toed shoes.
    • All visitors must be escorted at all times.
    • No food/drinks allowed in Radiologically Controlled Areas.
    • If the SRPD alarms, malfunctions or if the dose rate increases rapidly, you should evacuate the radiologically controlled area and contact Radcon (876-1743).
  • Before the tour
    • Start a new tour by clicking the "New Tour" link. You must fill in all information.
    • Add escorts to the tour as you know them. For family tours, add yourself as the escort.
    • Add visitor information, or send an email with a link to the tour webpage for visitors to fill in their information.
  • The day of the tour
    • Finish entering escort and visitor information. All escorts will need to have up-to-date training. The required training depends on what areas the tour will be visiting.  Once you have created your tour, you will be able to review the list of required skills per location.
    • Submit the tour package to RadCon, who will review and provide dosimetry (SRPD)
    • When RadCon has contacted you, pick up the dosimetry from the RadCon trailer (52B)
    • For large groups, you will need to use this application to assign the SRPD serial number to each tour escort. In the case of small tours with only one escort, RadCon will do this.
    • Each visitor must read the tour requirements, receive the Visitors Radiological Safety Guide (including the ODH information), and electronically sign that the information provided to them has been read and that their personal information is correct.
    • Escorts must also electronically sign stating that they understand the rules for escorting visitors.
    • When you start the tour, remember to record the reading on the SRPD
    • Take the tour - each escort must stay with the visitors assigned to him/her
    • When you finish the tour, remember to record the reading on the SRPD
  • Other notes
    • There are two types of tours, large (typically upwards of 10 visitors - handled by Public Affairs) and small (less than 10 visitors - handled by Radiation Control), when dosimetry is required.