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Danforth, Robert MS 52B
ext. 7202robertd@jlab.orgOperations, Rad Tech
Hamlette, David MS 52B
ext. 7219 or 876-1743hamlette@jlab.orgOperations Leader
Hartberger, Adam MS 52B ext. 7463
Operations, Rad Tech
Robinson, Aaron
MS 52B
ext. 6524
aaron@jlab.orgOperations, Rad Tech

This is a reminder that radiological controls for the CEBAF accelerator have been reconfigured for high power beam operations. Specifically, all service buildings are posted as AT LEAST Radiologically Controlled Areas, and the the arc service buildings have been returned to status of Radiation Area - thus requiring access via an RWP and use of supplemental dosimetry. Please take note of these changes and act accordingly. If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact David Hamlette at 757-876-1743.  The link to read and sign this document is located at the link below.  Be sure to look for SRL Skill Code SAF801kd.3: RWP Linac & ARC Service Building Access

To sign the new General Access RWP, click the link below and search for SRL Skill Code SAF801kd:

General Access RWP

For questions regarding the RadCon Hot Checkout, please contact David Hamlette at 757-876-1743.

Radcon Checklist

Sealed Source User Agreement
Please use the training link to read and sign the ARMS RWP for the current year:





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