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Please read the following information regarding RAM movement here at Jefferson Lab.

Dear valued team member,

As most of you know, over the last year the lab has experienced a series
of incidents involving improper handling of radioactive materials (RAM).
Though no single event resulted in loss of material or excess dose to
personnel, these occurrences represent an unacceptable track record, and
show that we are at risk for a potentially serious radiological safety
condition or infraction.  We simply cannot afford to extend this trend.

The Radiation Control Department is working with Division Safety
Officers (DSO) and others to improve awareness and correct this issue.  
DSOs have requested work groups to evaluate their practices for
opportunities to improve RAM handling and reduce the potential for
error. RadCon is available for consultation in these efforts. We have
also prepared a short video presentation (~3 minutes) with reminders on
controlling radioactive materials. This presentation is intended for use
as a tool during safety briefings and toolbox meetings, to help
reinforce the basic RAM control requirements.

The video can be found at the following link (see below).

We hope you find this tool useful in your efforts to work safety around
RAM. We value your feedback concerning the video and radiation safety