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Radiological Training Information

Radiation Worker II (RW-II) Training Options

Classroom Training

The Radiation Worker II qualification is normally obtained through classroom training. A class is normally offered once per calendar quarter on the second Tuesday of the first month of the quarter.  The class lasts 4 hours.  You must already be RW-I qualified to take this class.  You must sign up in advance by contacting David Hamlette at 757-876-1743.  A written exam and practical factors exercise will be scheduled at the end of the class.


To renew your RW-II qualification you simply need to re-take the written exam.  You can take it anytime during normal business hours in the RCD office in the ESH&Q Building.

RW-II Study Guide

You may get a hard copy of the Radiation Worker II study guide from the RCD office, or access it here.  However, to get your RW-II qualification, you must complete the class, take the written exam, and pass the practical factors exercise.