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Radiological Training Information

Radiation Worker II (RW-II) Training Options

Classroom Training
The Radiation Worker II qualification is normally obtained through classroom training. A class is normally offered once per calendar quarter on the second Tuesday of the first month of the quarter.  The class lasts 4 hours.  You must already be RW-I qualified to take this class.  You must sign up in advance by contacting Maya Keller at 757-269-6021 or David Hamlette at 757-876-1743.  A written exam and practical factors exercise will be scheduled at the end of the class.


To renew your RW-II qualification you simply need to re-take the written exam.  You can take it anytime during normal business hours in the RCD office.

Radiation Worker II Study Guide

You may get a hard copy of the classroom study guide at the User Liaison Office, from the RCD office, or access it here.  If this is the first time you are completing your RW-I qualification at Jefferson Lab, you will need to take the classroom training or do the web-based training to get credit.