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Dosimetry Group   

Area of Responsibility
Allen, Jennifer
MS 52B
ext. 6127
Dosimetry Backup/Technical Writer/Records Manager
Keller, Maya MS 52B ext. 6021
Training/Radioanalytical Lab/Dosimetry Technical Lead
Mosbrucker, Becky MS 52B ext. 7236 Dosimetry Coordinator

The Dosimetry Office is located across from the Test Lab in the new EHS&Q Building (Bldg. 52).  For questions, please contact Becky Mosbrucker at or 757-269-7236.

Dosimeters may be requested before, during or after you have completed your Radiation Worker I training by clicking on the link below.   You must have an email address in JLIST to use this system. If no email address has been entered or your JLab account has not been activated, please contact Becky Mosbrucker or call 757-269-7236.
On-line Dosimeter Request Form  (Requires JLab username/password)

dosimeters                         Dosimetry Rack                       ring

You may view your personal dose history at any time by clicking on the link below.  Please note that dose histories for the most recent wear period may not yet be available.

If you want to change the storage location of your personal dosimeter, please contact Becky Mosbrucker or call 757-269-7236.  

If you are a Jefferson Lab employee, user, or student and have a current JLab ID, you may take visitors on a tour of the Lab.  If you plan to access any Radiologically Controlled Areas (RCAs), such as the experimental halls during your tour, you must be a fully qualified Radiation Worker I.  Your visitors will also need dosimetry to access RCAs.  You may initiate a tour here:


If you need dosimetry toconduct any type of test/experiment, you must fill out an Experimental Dosimetry Request Form.

Things to know:

Transfer Request
- This form should be used if you have ever received a measured radiation exposure at another facility (i.e., you've previously worn a dosimeter). 
Radiopharmaceutical Patient Information
- If you have a medical administration of a radiopharmaceutical, you must report to RadCon prior to returning to work.  If possible, please print and fill out as much as you can on this form beforehand.
Declaration of Pregnancy
- You may declare your pregnancy in writing at any time by submitting this form to the Dosimetry Office.
Withdrawal of Declaration of Pregnancy
- You may withdraw your declaration of pregnancy at any time and for any reason by submitting this form to the Dosimetry Office.