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Radiation Control Department Personnel

We are now located in the ARC Building,
Library area (first floor).

RadCon Group/Title
Allen, Jennifer
MS 126B
ext. 6127
Technical Writer/Records Manager
Danforth, Robert MS 126B ext. 7202 Operations, Rad Tech
Degtiarenko, Pavel MS 6B ext. 6274 Radiation Physics
Hamlette, David MS 126B ext. 7219 Operations Lead
Hartberger, Adam MS 126B ext. 7463
Operations, Rad Tech
Jefferson, John MS 126B ext. 7087
Instrumentation, Instrumentation Tech
Keller, Maya MS 126B ext. 6021
Training/Radioanalytical Lab/Dosimetry Lead
Kharashvili, George MS 6B
ext. 6435
Radiation Physics
Mosbrucker, Becky MS 126B ext. 7236 Dosimetry Coordinator
Popov, Vladimir MS 6B
ext. 6360 Radiation Physics
Robinson, Aaron
MS 126B
ext. 6524
Operations, Rad Tech
Vylet, Vashek MS 6B
ext. 7551 RCD Manager
Washington, Melvin MS 126B ext. 6243 Instrumentation Lead
Welch, Keith MS 6B ext. 7212 RCD Deputy Manager
Whatley, Chris MS 126B
ext.5841 Operations, Rad Tech
Technician Cellphone
876-1743 Operations Leader
Deputy Manager Cellphone
876-5342 RCD Deputy Manager
Manager Cellphone
218-2733 RCD Manager

592-3073 Instrumentation Lead