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Radiological Training Information

Which Level of Training is Right for You?

The level of training you need is generally based on the need for access to certain locations at Jefferson Lab.


A qualification called "General Employee Radiological Knowledge" is required for employees, subcontractors, guests, users, and others who may need routine unescorted access to the accelerator site.  The minimum training for awarding this qualification is General Employee Radiological Training (GERT). All Jefferson Lab employees are encouraged to take GERT.

Radiation Worker I

The Radiation Worker I (RW-I) qualification is required for personnel whose activities require them to routinely enter Radiologically Controlled Areas (RCAs).  Group Leaders and supervisors please note: You should NOT require people in your group to obtain RW-I qualification simply because they "might" have to enter an RCA.  You should make this a requirement only for people who are likely to need access to these areas on a routine basis.  In other words, the determination should be made on the basis of individual need.  You should avoid establishing group policies requiring RW-I training, unless it is clear that all personnel in the group require this qualification.  These policies are generally not consistent with the ALARA approach.  If an individual who is not RW-I qualified needs access to an RCA on an infrequent basis, the best approach is to use the "escorted visitor" method.  This approach makes the best use of Jefferson Lab’s resources by preventing the unnecessary cost of procuring, issuing, tracking, and handling of dosimetry devices, and generating and retaining radiation exposure records.

If it is determined that you will need RW-I qualifications, you will also need to read and sign the General Access RWP before entry to the Accelerator Site can be made.  If you are having trouble accessing this document, please contact Becky Mosbrucker at 757-269-7236.  If you have any technical questions about this document, please call the RadCon cell phone at 757-876-1743.  Use the link below and search for SRL skill code SAF801k:

If it is determined that you will need RW-I qualifications, you will also need to request a dosimeter.  Please use the link below for the request.  If you are having trouble accessing this application, please contact Becky Mosbrucker at 757-269-7236.

On-line Dosimeter Request Form  (Requires JLab username/password)

    Radiation Worker II

Persons whose work may involve entry into Contamination Areas need the Radiation Worker-II qualification.  You must get the RW-I qualification before signing up to take the RW-II class.

All qualifications expire on the calendar date, two years from the date of the last training completion.  The maximum allowable extension of your qualification is 30 days, at your supervisor's request.  If you are a Radiation Worker, possession of a dosimeter does not authorize you to enter RCAs once your training has expired.  Reminders of upcoming training expiration are provided if the training is a part of your required qualifications.  However, the responsibility for maintaining training qualification rests with the employee and his/her supervisor.  If you are a Radiation Worker and your training expires, the following things will occur:

  • Your authorization to enter RCAs is immediately revoked.
  • Your dosimeter will be pulled, and will not be reissued unless your supervisor requests an administrative extension of your training.

Any questions about radiation training, please contact David Hamlette at 757-876-1743.