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Radiological Training Department

Area of Responsibility
Danforth, Robert MS 126B ext. 7202 Practical backup
Hamlette, David MS 126B ext. 7219 Practical backup
Hartberger, Adam MS 126B ext. 7463
Practical backup
Keller, Maya MS 126B ext. 6021
Training Lead
Robinson, Aaron
MS 126B
ext. 6524
Practical backup
Whatley, Chris MS 126B
ext.5841 Practical backup
If you are a radiation worker and will be accessing the Accelerator Site, you will need to read and sign this new RWP before entry can be made.  If you are having trouble accessing this document, please contact Becky Mosbrucker at 757-269-7236 or  If you have any technical questions about this document, please call the RadCon cell phone at 757-876-1743.  Use the link below and search for SRL skill code SAF801kd.

What level of training is right for you? Go here for guidance.

How do I get GERT?
What methods are available for obtaining Radworker I training? What methods are available for obtaining Radworker II training? Where can I find ARMs information?
VTA Standing RWP