Calibration Procedure for the Multiplexer



Tools Needed:

5/16 Wrench

SMA test cables (2)

RF Power Supply

Multiplexer Control Box

RF Signal Generator

Spectrum Analyzer

SMA Connector for Spectrum Analyzer

Calibration Data Sheet


  1. Preliminary Setup
    1. Connect the RF Power Supply to the Multiplexer Control Box with attached ribbon cable
    2. Connect the Multiplexer Control Box to the Multiplexer with attached ribbon cable
    3. Power on RF Power Supply, RF Signal Generator, and Spectrum Analyzer
    4. Set RF Signal Generator to 1497MHz @-30dBm, and turn RF on
    5. Connect SMA test cable to RF Signal Generator and Spectrum Analyzer
    6. Measure loss in the cable and record in calibration data sheet.
    7. Repeat steps 1d, 1e, and 1f for the second SMA test cable
    8. Connect one SMA test cable from RF Signal Generator to one input channel on the RF Switch
    9. Connect the other SMA test cable from the Spectrum Analyzer to the corresponding channel output port.
  2. VSWR
    1. Measure VSWR for each port (input and output) and record in calibration data sheet.Must be <=1.8 for passing.
  3. Insertion Loss
    1. Measure the loss for each channel by using the multiplexer control box to switch between each channel (pass).For example, to measure channel 1 (pass 1), select the binary equivalent to 1 on the multiplexer control box.
    2. Move the SMA cables accordingly for each measurement
    3. Record each reading in the calibration data sheet.Must be <= 2dBm for passing.NOTE:Donít forget to include both test cable loses in recording.
  4. Delta
    1. After recording measurements for Step 2, calculate the difference of insertion loss between all 4 ports (X+, X-, Y+, Y-) for each pass (1-5).Must be <=0.5dBm for passing.
  5. Isolation
    1. Repeat steps 1h and 1i.
    2. Select the other passes (other than the one with the SMA cable attachment).Repeat process for each RF switch.
    3. Record each measurement.Must be <= 57dBm for passing.