FEL Upgrade Weekly Report
June 5-9,2000


The first major hardware orders for the FEL Upgrade went out the door this week-for three 100 kW klystrons for
upgrading the injector power and an order for 16 rf circulators.


The FEL team made final preparations for next week's kick-off meeting for the FEL Upgrade project. The meeting
will be held at Jefferson Lab on June 12-13. A review team, chaired by John Albertine, will be attendance.


Release 1.0 of the lattice for the electron beam transport system was transferred from Dave Douglas to
engineering. Subsequent changes will be handled by change requests.

A test electrode prepared by the College of William and Mary was transferred to the project for high voltage
testing. The stainless steel test electrode has been implanted by plasma immersion in nitrogen ions. Tests on
a similarly prepared smaller sample indicated a significant gain in stand-off voltage. If this large area
sample shows similar performance improvements, the technique will be incorporated into the improved
photoemission gun design.

We received a report on engineering analysis and prototype conceptual design of the high power R5 mirror system from contractor AES. All analyses support the plan to actively control radius of curvature using a bimetal
thermal approach. The plan is to turn this into a prototype for testing in early fall.

Operations/Commissioning Activities:

The schedule for the next user run was released and distributed to the user groups for the summer run which
begins on June 26 and ends on Aug. 4.  A total of nine university user tests and two experiments by Jefferson Lab employees are planned.