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FEL Upgrade Weekly Report for September 15-19, 2003

FEL Shut Down due to Hurricane Isabel

Due to the impending impact of Hurricane Isabel, FEL upgrade commissioning  operations had to be curtailed this week.  Preparations for the storm began on Monday, in terms of securing the FEL Facility for potential impact of high winds and extensive rain.  Following lessons learned from Hurricane Floyd in 1999, we have installed an improved flood gate at the top of the access ramp to the FEL vault and checked our emergency power system which powers the Facility sump pumps, ion pumps for the beam line and emergency lighting.  FEL operations will cease at 12:00 today (Wednesday) when the Jefferson Lab network goes off the air until Monday morning.

Commissioning Activities:
Despite these important distractions we were able to operate the FEL Upgrade for approximately 5 hrs a day from Monday until today proceeding with the program that was outlined on last Friday's weekly report.

We have succeeded in establishing a suitable driver accelerator configuration with the drive pulse operating 10 degrees off crest  so that we can investigate  lasing parameters with longer bunch lengths at the wiggler.

We hope to continue the program on Monday depending on the recovery from any storm damage to the site or utilities.  Our experience this week has heightened our appreciation of the ability of the US Navy to operate complicated systems in the maritime environment.