Action Items (pending)


P-01 Determine Beam Pulse structure for setup

P-02 Laser phase modulator

P-03 Slit emittance measurement

P-04 Is an energy compression scheme needed?

P-05 Devise fine-tuning procedure for buncher gradient

P-07 Diagnostics "Freeze"

P-08 How do we change energy? What is the energy range?

P-09 Do we need bunching after the module

P-10 Will the SLM monitor work to center the large beam

P-11 Calculate from Hall C data how much scatter the BPMs can take

P-12 FEL/OTR interaction question

P-13 Do we have sufficient diagnostics for emittance degradation measurements

P-14 How is the gun/laser operated?

P-15 Discussion on robustness of controls??????

P-16 Injector diagnostics in the main machine

P-18 Technote by Yunn summarizing machine impedance

P-19 Consistent linac/bunching phase sets

P-20 Lock plans (who in particular)

P-21 Save/restore plans

P-24 FEL Commissioning review

P-25 RF control sensitivities/Microphonics Diff for FEL/Pathlength effect

P-26 What if studies

P-27 Plan to measure beam loss

P-28 Scrapers: Where and How?

P-29 FEL/linac interaction

P-30 Tracking including realistic wiggler fields

P-31 What drives the vacuum spec.

P-32 Are two sextupole families enough to tune M56

P-33 Is path length feedback needed?

P-35 Coordinated ITS beam running/SRF commissioning plan

P-36 Beam power robust BPMs

P-37 42 MeV dump design and interlocking

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