Date: October 25, 1996

To: Distribution

From: Jock Fugitt

Subject: 600 KV Power Supply In-house PDR.

Today we held an informal review of the electron gun high voltage power supply systems.

Present were: S. Benson, G. Biallas, C. Bohn, G. Neil, J. Susta, and J. Fugitt

The issues addressed were:

HV Tank shape: It was agreed that the "coffin" style of high voltage tank would be desirable. However it may not be the most cost effective configuration. J. Susta will discuss cost/shape considerations with local vendors, and then prepare paperwork for a budgetary quote on one or two configurations. Material is to be mild steel, painted inside with gloss white, and outside with "rustolium" red.

Tank location: The tank will be located in the pit, with a right angle bend in the high voltage transmission line.

Use of HV insulator (Gas Barrier): No high voltage barrier insulator will be used at this time due to risk and time factors.

Operating pressure: The operating pressure will be one atmosphere over pressure (15 PSIG) Max. Tank will Not be built to pressure vessel code.

Use of gas recovery: No gas recovery system will be installed at this time. We will use modest gradients which will allow us to use only about 20-30% SF6 gas.

DC Design gradients: The design gradients shall be conservative with 10 MV/Meter being the upper limit. The uniform field regions would be operating at between 5 and 6.5 MV/M when the power supply is at 600KV.