To: C. Leemann

From: F. Dylla

Subject: Shut Down of the ITS

Date: June 20, 1997

On Monday, June 23, we are planning to shut down the Injector Test Stand and begin the removal of equipment slated for transfer to FEL Facility.

At a meeting held with John Albertine on June 12, (attended by FEL/ITS management and C. Sinclair), we agreed on the remaining measurements to be completed prior to shut down of gun operations. These measurements, included completion of D. Kehne's longitudinal emittance and bunch length measurements, and an extended run to examine the dark current behavior of the gun. The latter measurements were completed yesterday, and D. Kehne is scheduled to complete a supporting set of his measurements by Sunday, June 22.

Richard Walker is coordinating the removal of equipment from the ITS. A listing of ITS equipment that will move and remain is attached. This list has been reviewed by C. Sinclair who plans to use the ITS for polarized source development over the next year. Charlie's activities will not interfere with potential re-commissioning of the ITS for additional gun development or for testing of SRF hardware.


cc: C. Sinclair

G. Neil

J. Delayen

C. Bohn

C. Rode

J. Bisognano

A. Hutton

R. Legg

R. Walker

S. Benson


To: Courtlandt Bohn

Jean Delayen

Fred Dylla

Jock Fugitt

George Neil

Jim Parkinson

Charlie Sinclair

Richard Walker

From: Stephen Benson

Subject: What will remain of the ITS after moving to the new building?


This is an update to a memo I distributed a year ago detailing what would stay and what would move from the injector test stand. Due to schedule difficulties, the list of things being moved to the new FEL facility has changed. Also, some items not included in either the "Stay" or Move" lists have been added. Note that the only item which was move from the "Stay" list to the "Move" list is the clean room enclosure over the gun. Some things which were going to move are now staying in the ITS. The following is a summary of what will be left behind:

1. The shielded enclosure with all PSS radiation and access interlocks will remain. The laser safety shutters will be moved but the interlocks for the laser will remain for use with any new laser. The ODH system, the ODH heads, and the ODH interface will remain. The ODH heads expire on 7/1/97 and should be replaced if needed for future running. RF interlocks will remain for a new RF system.

2. The high voltage power supply, its enclosure, its safety interlocks, and its cable and high voltage terminations will remain for use with another high voltage gun.

3. The control room, the racks in it, and the two relay racks over the trenches outside the control room, the heliax runs, and most of the control and power cabling will be left behind.

4. Some of the stands for the test beamlines, the 500 keV dumps, and the 500 keV and 10 MeV spectrometer dipoles will remain.

5. The cryogenic transfer lines up to the U-tubes including all controls will be left.

6. The LCW system and the radioactive closed loop for the dumps will be left.

7. All electrical circuits will be left behind.

8. The aperture and slit from the 500 keV characterization experiments.

9. The laser clean room and the optical bench in the clean room. The two mirror cans in the upper part of the optical transport line will also be left behind as will the mirror can stands.

10. Patch panels from the RF racks to the cleanroom, between the control room and cave, clean room and high voltage power supply.

11. Network hub; This is the spare for either the CHL or the FEL building. It will be left in the ITS online.

12. One trim rack. This is a spare for the FEL facility.

With the equipment left behind it is reasonably straightforward to develop a new injector in the test cave. All that is needed is the gun itself and, if further acceleration is required, a cryounit, an rf source, and higher energy diagnostics. A new clean hood and some mirror cans must also be built it one wants to build a photocathode laser. All the drawings for these exist. One could then look into a spin polarized high voltage gun, a superconducting rf gun, a second generation gun for the UV machine, or a high average current injector. Present plans are to carry out spin polarized source developement and advanced drive laser development in the cave and clean room respectively.

The following items will be moved to the FEL facility:

Photocathode gun

High voltage tank

Gun support stand

The crane above the gun along with the "clean room' enclosure supported from it.

Bakeout and cesiator rack and buck boost transformers

Light box




Stands before the cryounit

All Harps and viewers(most on loan from CEBAF)

10 MeV dump

10 MeV beam dump transport line

Low level rf racks

5 kW buncher rf klystron and HPA

The 50 kW klystrons and HPAs

Most of the waveguide

Both 50 kW circulators and the 5 kW circulator

Photocathode drive laser

Laser transport system(though the upper cans will remain in place)

Trim rack

Ion pump power supplies

ITS server

10 MeV QJ quadrupoles