February 28, 1997

From: Fred Dylla
To: Accelerator Div. Dept. Heads, Deputy Dept. Heads, Group Leaders and FEL Dept
Subject: Plan for Injector Test Stand

Presently the photocathode gun is on the critical path for the IRFEL. Accordingly, the Accelerator Division Leadership Group has decided to defer all commissioning and beam operations of the 10 MeV injector for the IRFEL from the ITS to the FEL Facility. This schedule change was approved by our Navy Program Officer. The decision is motivated by Jefferson Laboratory's commitment to meet the Navy's contractual milestone to have the IRFEL hardware in place in the FEL Facility by 30 September 1997. The revised schedule will allow maximum ITS runtime for gun testing prior to moving the hardware to the FEL Facility. A reliable gun will provide the foundation for efficiently commissioning the installed machine, and the extra time will make it more likely that a reliable gun will be on hand. Plus, the decision ensures we can use installation resources when they are available, i.e., during the summer.

The Injector Test Stand Program is now a photocathode-gun-development program which, in regard to the IRFEL, will end on 1 June 1997. At that time, the gun and other injector hardware will be moved to the FEL Facility for reinstallation there. In addition to gun operations, there will be extensive off-line testing of the cryounit for the injector in the ITS prior to 1 June.

The top-level schedule for the ITS is as follows:

Task Time Frame Place
250-300 kV gun transverse/longitudinal experimentsFeb-Mar 97 ITS
Cryounit tests without beam Mar-Apr 97 ITS
350+ kV gun reconfiguration/operation Apr-May 97 ITS
Injector reinstallation (gun, buncher, cryounit) Jun-Aug 97 FEL Facility
Begin injector commissioning Oct 97 FEL Facility
This schedule is firm. We must meet it to meet our FY97 contractual milestone.

I sincerely appreciate all the support that Accelerator Division has been giving the ITS and IRFEL projects. Because of this, I believe we will succeed with the IR FEL milestones.