General Description


The following document gives general information about using the Free Electron Laser (FEL) Documentation system. The system is menu-based, and generally organized around specific hardware categories that follow the Work Breakdown Structure categories of the FEL Project. The files are organized in a basic tree-structure numbering scheme, allowing easy update and maintenance. The menu index resides in CEBAFH's /site/www/html/accel/fel/documentation directory and is easily invoked from the FEL home page, under FEL Documentation. The documentation is organized, starting at the highest level, by the following items:

Free Electron Laser Documentation Main Menu

[1] Project Information Menu
[2] Beam Physics (WBS 2)
[3] SRF Systems (WBS 3)
[4] Operations/Commissioning (WBS 4)
[5] Diagnostics/Safety/Controls (WBS 5)
[6] Cryogenics (WBS 6)
[7] Magnets/Vacuum System (WBS 7)
[8] RF Systems (WBS 8)
[9] Light Optics/Wiggler (WBS 9)
[10] Injector Test Stand and Injector
[11] User Facilities
[12] Help/General Description of FEL Documentation System

These items, which follow the WBS categories, generally exist to provide information about individual hardware components throughout the project. The non-hardware items are Project Information, which provides information about project requirements, schedules, and plans; Beam Physics, which provides information about lattice design, impedance calculations, and similar beam dynamics calculations; and Operations/Commissioning, which provides information about Commissioning plans and procedures. Also, Help provides general information about using and modifying the documentation system.

Going down a level in the tree structure is easily accomplished by clicking on the relevant category. Each category has a menu, sub-menus, sub-sub-menus, etc., down to the component level. The Web pages are usually numbered and titled, eg.

[5.10.2] Beam Loss Monitors.

The number is used to easily locate the file generating the Web Page. The page for the example is generated by the file


and right now you are observing file


in the same directory.

Within a large fraction of the pages, a General Information Menu exists. This category is set up specifically to contain information that is notable about the specific system, subsystem, sub-subsystem, etc., involved. Under the General Information Menu, at least the following entries exist.

[xxx] General Information Menu

General Information Menu

[xxx.1] ES&H Issues
[xxx.2] System Overview/Technical Performance Manual
[xxx.3] Requirements Document
[xxx.4] System Schedule
[xxx.5] Testing/Performance Verification
[xxx.6] User Manual

where xxx is a document location index tied to the item in question. The intent of this scheme is to provide some uniformity throughout the system, so that it is easy for newcomers to locate information in the system.

As much as is reasonably possible, ALL DOCUMENTS should have an author/caretaker who is familiar enough with the content of the document to answer questions about its content. The author is specified in the first part of all documents using the following format:

[xxx] Title


An html template of the author format appears in the file /site/www/html/accel/fel/documentation/authorformat.html.


Posting Documents

The following process for posting documents has been established. Documents should be deposited in the common area

/site/www/html/accel/fel/documention/doctransfer on CEBAFH (the Web Server at CEBAF)

This area permits group read/write/edit access to all files, so CARE SHOULD BE TAKEN that files from other users of the common area are not affected by your work.

Once a file (perferably html, but POSTCRIPT and PDF files are postable) is ready for posting, the file should be deposited in the common area. A message should be sent to Donna Gilchrist (x7063 or or Denise Vitale (x7682 or specifying at least the location that the document should be posted, and including any special instructions necessary, e.g. cross references. It is expected that the author has examined his product with NETSCAPE or his/her preferred browser, BEFORE A POSTING REQUEST IS MADE, because, in the interest of efficiency, one would like to filter out requests that amount to minor editorial changes. Copies of work WILL NOT BE RETAINED in the common directory, but will be deleted as posted. Therefore, it seems prudent that copies of work are retained by the authors. We expect that the turnaround for posting will be of order a few days; please repeat requests if there is no action after a period of three days. Also, document history services WILL NOT be provided at this time, for lack of a good means for providing such services. Until it is possible to provide such services, authors should be perpared for future requests on document history.

Changing Documents

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