FEL Diagnostics List


The following document gives a baseline list of all beam diagnostic systems in the TJNAF Free Electron Laser. Contact the Diagnostics Review Committee (G. A. Krafft, D. Douglas, K. Jordan, S. Benson, R. Legg, or C. Bohn) to make recomendations for changes. A name and general location is given for each beam diagnostic element. Names in parenthesis (), are tentative (i.e. unofficial as nomeclature is not yet established), and will be updated as more nomenclature decisions are made.


IHA0F01                          Upstream cryounit

Emittance Measuring Multislit Assemblies

IMS0F03                          Downstream of cryounit
IMS1F01                          Downstream of the injection cross

Beam Current Measuring Devices

ICM0F06                          Upstream injection cross (Cavity Based)
IDC0G01                          Injector dump current
IDC1G01                          Recirculation dump current
IDC2G00                          First light dump current
(IDC4F06)                        Back leg insertable dump
(IDC4F12)                        Back leg insertable dump
(IDC5F06)                        Recirculation leg insertable dump

Beam Position Monitors: 2" Tube Type

IPM0F06T                         Upstream of the injection cross (test BPM)
IPM0F06                          Upstream of the injection cross
IPM1F01                          Downstream of the injection cross
IPM1F02                          Downstream of cryomodule
IPM0G00                          Downstream of the injection cross; dump line
IPM0G01                          Injector Dump
IPM2F02                          Upstream wiggler (SEE electronics)
IPM2F04                          Downstream wiggler (SEE electronics)
IPM2F09                          Upstream recirculation pi bend
IPM2G00                          First light dump
IPM4F01                          Back leg
IPM4F02                          Back leg
IPM4F03                          Back leg
IPM4F04                          Back leg
IPM4F05                          Back leg
IPM4F06                          Back leg
IPM4F07                          Back leg
IPM4F08                          Back leg
IPM4F09                          Back leg
IPM4F10                          Back leg
IPM4F11                          Back leg
IPM4F12                          Back leg
IPM4F13                          Back leg
IPM5F05                          Upstream injection cross on recirculation path
IPM5F08                          Upstream injection cross on recirculation path

Beam Position Monitors: Wide Chamber

IPM1G01                          Recirculation dump (SEE electronics)
IPM2F00                          Chicane 1 (horizontal only) (SEE electronics)
IPM2F06                          Chicane 2 (horizontal only) (SEE electronics)
IPM3F02                          Recirculation bend 1 (SEE electronics)
IPM3F02B                         Recirculation bend 1 (SEE electronics)
IPM5F02                          Recirculation bend 2 (SEE electronics)
IPM5F02B                         Recirculation bend 2 (SEE electronics)

Viewer: Shielded 1.5"

ITV0F02                          After second solenoid magnet in gun      S

Viewers: Shielded 2"

ITV0F04                          (11 l/sec)Downstream cryounit            B
ITV0F06                          (11 l/sec)On first injection bend        G
ITV1F01                          (25 l/sec)Upstream cryomodule            B
ITV1F02                          (25 l/sec)Downstream cryomodule          G
ITV2F01                          (25 l/sec)Upstream wiggler               G
ITV2F03                                  Wiggler internal                 D
ITV2F03A                                 Wiggler internal                 D
ITV2F03B                                 Wiggler internal                 D

Viewers: "Shielded", Wide Chambers

ITV2F00                          (25 l/sec)Chicane 1                      E
ITV2F06                          (25 l/sec)Chicane 2                      E
ITV1G01                          (25 l/sec)Recirculation dump             E

Viewers: Unshielded

ITV2F05                          (11 l/sec)Downstream wiggler             B
ITV2F09                          (11 l/sec)Uptream recirculation bend 1   G
ITV2G00                          (25 l/sec)First light dump               F
ITV4F05                          (11 l/sec)Back leg                       G
ITV4F06                          (11 l/sec)Back leg                       G
ITV4F07                          (11 l/sec)Back leg                       G
ITV4F08                          (11 l/sec)Back leg                       G
ITV4F09                          (11 l/sec)Back leg                       G
ITV4F10                          (11 l/sec)Back leg                       G
ITV0G01                          (25 l/sec)Injector dump                  F

Viewers: Flip type

ITV3F02                          First pi bend                            C
ITV5F02                          Second pi bend                           C

Synchrotron Light Monitors

ISL2F00                          Chicane I                                G
ISL2F00A                         Chicane I                                A
ISL2F06                          Chicane II                               G
ISL2F06A                         Chicane II                               G
ISL3F01                          Second bend of first recirculation arc   G
ISL3F02                          Middle of pi bend 1
ISL3F03                          Third bend of first recirculation arc    G
ISL3F04                          Forth bend of first recirculation arc    A
ISL5F00                          First bend of second recirculation arc   G
ISL5F01                          Second bend of second recirculation arc  G
ISL5F02                          Middle of pi bend 2
ISL5F03                          Third bend of second recirculation arc   G
ISL5F04                          Forth bend of second recirculation arc   A

M56, Time of arrival monitors

OTR based (used for phase compression measurements)
(ITA1F01)                        Upstream cryomodule
(ITA2F05)                        Upstream wiggler
(ITA0G01)                        Injection dump

SLM based (used for M56 measurements) (ITA2F00A) Downstream chicane 1 (ITA2F06A) Downstream chicane 2 (ITA3F04) Last bend first recirculation bend (ITA5F04) Last bend second recirculation bend

Cavity Based ICM0F06 Injection bend ICM1F02 Downstream cryomodule

Happek Devices

(IIA1F01)                        Upstream cryomodule
(IIA2F05)                        Downstream wiggler

Bunch Length Monitors

(IBL1F01)                        Upstream cryomodule
(IBL2F05)                        Downstream wiggler

Double/Triple Duty Installations

1F01                             OTR Camera
                                 Happek Device
                                 IR Power Monitor/TOA Monitor

2F05 OTR Camera Happek Device

0G01 OTR Camera TOA Monitor

3F04 SLM Camera TOA Monitor

5F04 SLM Camera TOA Monitor

Window Material

A             3                  1.13 Crystalline Quartz on 4.62 flange

B             3                  2.37 Crystalline Quartz on 4.62 flange

C             2                  1.13 Crystalline Quartz

D             3                  0.69 Saphire on 2.75 flange

E             3                  2.37 Fused Quartz on 4.62 flange

F             2                  1.37 Fused Quartz on 3.37 flange

G            18                  1.37 Fused Quartz on 4.62 flange

S             1                   Special