Gun nomenclature notice of intent
 John Hansknect August 25, 1999.

There has been confusion on the gun nomenclature for the Polarized
sources.  Some have referred to the Polarized guns as PGUN1 and PGUN2.
This is NOT correct.  The proper designation is as follows:
Gun 1 is the Thermionic
Gun 2 is the Northern most Polarized gun which is on the 2I beamline.
 (We also use the name Pgun North in casual conversation)
Gun 3 is the Southern most Polarized gun which is on the 3I beamline.
 (Yes, this would be called Pgun South in casual conversation)

In case you are wondering, a Southern polarized electron will have roughly
the same behavior as a Northern'll just spin a little slower.
(I just had to throw that one in)

If there are questions or comments concerning nomenclature, please email me.