Date: Tue, 22 Dec 1998 08:35:02
To:    areti, adderley, daya, hansknec, hartmann, kazimi, machie, poelker, jsprice, rutt, ryan,
         schneide, steigerw
From:"Charles K. Sinclair" <>
Ladies and Gents,

        The polarized injector performed exceptionally well for this
experiment, and you all should feel proud of your contribution to this.  It
is a very nice result for the lab.  I have attached J. P. Chen's message.

Dear Friends In Accelerator Division Who Contributed To The Success of E94010:

The experiment E94010 data taking is almost over. We have completed all the data originally planned
(energies of 0.86, 1.7, 2.6, 3.4, 4.2), except the last energy (5.1GeV). The 5.1 GeV, the highest energy
JLab has reached so far, data is still undertaking. It looks like we will get reasonable amount of data on
the last energy as well. The experiment has been a great success. We would like to thank all the people
who contributed to make this experiment to be successful. The injector group have amazingly given us
high polarization beam with beam current/life time higher than we expected. 
The operations group (with all the supporting groups: optics, AES, software, cryo, mechnical engineering,
diagnostics, RF, Vac, PSS, high power, ...)  have delieved high quality beam with very good efficiency (70%).
Thanks also goes to the RADCON group, the engineering/installation/alignment groups who helped us to
installed and have a working polarized He3 target throughout the experiment.

There will be a party on January 15 to celebrate the successful completion of the experiment E94010.
Please all come to join our celebration.

Thank you all.

E94010 spokespeople:
Gordon Cates, Jian-ping Chen, Zein-eddine Meziani
on behalf of the E94010 collaboration.