Electronic Log Book

To use the new injector/pol source logbook in the lab, do the following:

1. Log on to your favorite computer (i.e. cebafh)

2. Open an xterm and log on to opspare or a dev machine

3. Type /cs/op/bin/eelog/dtlite polog (this is the Tcl script version), or /cs/op/bin/eelog/polog (this is the vi editor version)

4. Make your entry as usual.

To put the command in your .cshrc file so that I do not have to type it do this, edit .cshrc and enter the line

alias logbook '/cs/op/bin/eelog/dtlite polog'

Then, you can just type 'logbook' from an xterm to bring up the Tcl program.


Use the right mouse button to select the Polarized Source Log from the Menu.

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