Test Cave Sweep

1.   Read, Understand, & Sign off on the Operating Safety Procedure located on the Safety System Rack.
2.   Shut doors to both ends of Test Cave.
3.   Insert key into beam permit slot located in the Safety System Rack and turn clockwise.
4.   Press the button labeled "??????".  You should hear the clicking of the timer begin.
5.   Turn the key counter clockwise. This begins a 15 second window that will engage the magnetic locks on the Test Cave doors.
6.   Take the key and enter the cave before the magnetic locks engage.
7.   There is no time limit to sweep the Test Cave once you have entered the doors.
8.   Begin your sweep by visually surveying the area as you walk toward the Run-Safe Box located at the rear entrance of the Test Cave.
9.   Insert key into Run-Safe box and turn clockwise.  The "RUN" indicator light should turn on and the "SAFE" indicator light should flash.
10. Remove key and walk toward the front entrance to the Test Cave.  Again survey the area for anyone or anything unusual.
11. Upon reaching the front Run-Safe box insert your key and turn clockwise.  The lights will be the same as the box in the rear of the Test Cave.
12. Once the key is turned there is a 10 second window in which the front door magnetic locks dis-engage and you can leave the Test Cave.
13. Be sure to shut the door upon leaving the Test Cave.
14. Re-insert the key into the "Beam Permit" slot and turn clockwise.  A 30 second warning will sound in the cave.
15. After 30 seconds has passed the PSS A & PSS B Relay will engage and the HV interlock chain should be closed. (See HV Interlock Schematic)

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