Date:     Fri, 19 Jun 1998 14:07:09 +0500
To:        adderley, daya, dunham, hansknec, hartmann, kazimi, liu, poelker, jsprice, rutt, schneide
From:    "Charles K. Sinclair" <>


        The user's have been meeting here this week, and have made much
favorable comment regarding the availability of high average current
polarized beam.  Of course, most of their remarks have gone to people in
the physics division, but Larry Cardman has asked me to pass on how very
impressed our user community is with how well polarized beam delivery is
going.  Many of these people have experienced multi-year waits for
polarized beam at other labs, and/or had poor beam availability or beam
quality when they received it.  They have an appreciation of what it means
to deliver 100 micro amps of polarized beam with high reliability, as we
have been doing since April.  There is widespread recognition that our
group is delivering world class performance in this area.  Of course, that
means that they will soon expect it as a matter of routine, and that they
will also want this performance with high polarization, so we still have a
bit of work to do!

        Anyway, all of you should be proud of the contributions you have
made to this important contribution to the physics program of the lab.  We
are much appreciated in the world of our users.  Thanks to you all.