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The Center for Injectors and Sources has developed a myriad of lasers related applications to support the ever changing Jefferson Lab Physics Program.  These  include:

  • Gain switched diode laser and diode optical amplifier; combination of old and and new technology.
  • Pulsed light at GHz repetition rates.
  • Extremely reliable, low maintenance lasers.
  • A Mode locked Ti-Sapphire Laser for high current experiments using a novel active modelocking technique to obtain high power and GHz repetition rates.
  • Highly reliable pulsed fiber laser system

CIS has transferred this laser technology  to scientific colleagues at MAMI in Germany and Nagoya in Japan.

Safety First

Laser Safety Information for the Injector Clean room
 Safety Information for the Injector Test Stand and Laser Clean Room (bldg 58 room 129C)

Twisted Photon EEL 118

Fiber Laser Tutorial for Operators

How we make the light that makes the electron beam.


Older Laser table layout (January 04)
Large pdf that shows Laser to gun interface
Old G0 Design (2002)
Old G0 pix (2002)
Old G0 Laser Table (2001)
The 1996 table

Mechanical Drawings

1996 Laser Table

1998 Laser Table

1998 rev.B Laser Table

1999 Laser Table

Y2K laser table 

EGG laser related publications


Synchronous photoinjection using a frequency-doubled gain-switched fiber-coupled seed laser
and ErYb-doped fiber amplifier   PHYSICAL REVIEW SPECIAL TOPICS (J. Hansknecht and M. Poelker)  6/2006

A High Power & High Repetition Rate Mode locked Ti-Saphire Laser for Photo Injectors 2001 PAC Paper (M. Poelker and J. Hansknecht)

Pockels Cell  (NEW)

Pockels Cell Switches, Ground Loop Elimination, etc.

Injector Laser Table Self Guided Tutorial  



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Injector Laser Table Self Guided Tutorial  (click here)

John Hansknect adjusts the Mode locked Ti-Sapphire 
Laser (2001) for one of the high current experiments