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Pockels Cells

The following links provide information regarding studies that I have performed over the years with respect to driving of Pockels cells.  It is presented for your reading pleasure. 


NOTICE: Any person performing experiments with pockels cells needs to be respectful of the high voltages involved and take all proper precautions.



Image courtesy of Cleveland Crystals, Inc.


Polarization Calculator..........   John Hansknecht, Jefferson Lab
Enter Maximum Value from Sine wave here
Enter Minimum Value from Sine wave here 

  Calculated %  Circular Polarization               %Circular Polarization = 200*(sqrt(min*max)/min+max)
  Calculated %  Linear polarization                  %Linear polarization = (max-min)/(max+min)


Switch Designs

Eliminating Ringing in Pockels Cells used in Parity experiments

Ground loop elimination for Parity experiments
An interesting study done at LLNL concerning pulsing and ringing