Laser Safety Information
 for the CEBAF injector laser cleanroom

All vital safety information is linked from this page.  Feel free to browse, copy, or forward this information.

before the laser accident   after the laser accident  
Your vision before laser strike                             1/10th second after your eye has been hit without laser protective eyewear*                         

(* hypothetical representation to prove the point  -  Laser Safety is no joke)

Latest LSOP (Laser Safety Operating Procedure) for the Injector Cleanroom

Laser layout and tutorial of the injector drive laser system
Fiber Laser Amplifier Technical Manual  (internal access only)

Fiber Laser Amplifier Vendor information

Injector Laser Inventory Sheet

Jefferson Lab EHS&Q manual  (Table of Contents page)

Jefferson Lab EHS&Q manual (Bookmark to chapter 6410 specifically for Laser Safety)

Laser information page of Electron Gun Group (Center for Injectors and Sources)

The Trinity laser safety eyewear with the model 1117 lens is the only eyewear authorized for 780nm and 1560nm exposure in the injector

Outside Vendors:
Laser Interlock Highly recommended resource for class 4 laser safety interlock hardware.