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Drawing # Description Date Size
C-2709-50 Anode Corona Ring 7-18-88 32K
C-2709-51 Ring Couple 7-18-88 26K
C-2709-52 Capsule Filter 9-13-88 21K
C-2709-53 Bake-Out Guide Rod (Cesiator) 7-10-88 22K
C-2709-54(A) Shield Ring 8-31-94 50K
C-2709-55 Ceramic Cylinder Assembly 7-10-88 33K
C-2709-56 Heat Clip (Inner) 7-12-88 27K
C-2709-57 ARGA Analyzer and RF Generator 9-30-88 31K
C-2709-58 Conflat Flange Weld Ring 7-8-88 25K
C-2709-59 Shield Ring Pin Plate 7-10-88 24K
C-2709-60 Stalk Springs 10-18-88 41K
C-2709-61 Conflat Flange and Weld Ring Sub-Assembly 7-10-88 25K
D-2709-62 Flanged Ceramic Insulator 7-10-88 48K
C-2709-63 Gas Tube Flange 7-11-88 37K
C-2709-64 Gas Tube Assembly 7-11-88 31K
C-2709-65 1 5/8" Nipple for ARGA Analyzer 7-11-88 38K
C-2709-66 Stalk Bellows Guide Rod Mount 7-10-88 42K
C-2709-67 Stalk Bellows Bake-Out Guide Rod 7-10-88 22K
C-2709-68 Stalk Bellows Guide Rod 7-10-88 27K
C-2709-69(A) Stalk Bellows Assembly 7-10-88 65K
C-2709-70 Stalk Heater Clamp 7-14-88 32K
D-2709-71 Stalk Thermocouple 7-14-88 20K
D-2709-72(A) Assembly 1 7-28-88 50K
D-2709-73(A) Assembly 2 7-28-88 48K
D-2709-74(A) Assembly 3 8-2-88 56K
C-2709-75 Ion/Photon Shield for Ion Pumps 8-3-88 27K
C-2709-76(A) Chamber Mounting Flange 5-17-90 63K
C-2709-77 Chamber Flange Spacer 7-10-88 23K
C-2709-78(A) Chamber Mount Assembly 7-10-88 31K
C-2709-79 Assembly Screws 10-19-88 47K
C-2709-80(A) Stalk Bellows and Guide Rod Assembly 12-10-91 42K
C-2709-81 Swagelok-Mini Conflat Fitting 1/4 11-25-88 44K
C-2709-82 Swagelok-Mini Conflat Fitting 3/8 11-25-88 44K
C-2709-83 Thermocouple Clamp-Cesiator Valve Tube 12-28-88 27K
C-2709-84 Publication Size Gun Assembly NO DATE 101K
C-2709-85 Thermocouple Clamp for 1/4" Tube 12-28-88 27K
C-2709-86 Thermocouple Clamp for Cesiator J-Tube 12-28-88 30K
C-2709-87 Heat Clip (Outer) 6-21-89 30K
C-2709-88 VG-Metal Seal 1-11-89 22K
C-2709-89 Tantalum Cup for Chalcopyrite Samples 3-29-89 29K
C-2709-90 Moly "Donut" for Centering Chalcopyrite Samples 5-8-89 19K
C-2709-91 RTI Chalcopyrite Samples 5-8-89 16K
C-2709-92 Pierce Electrode for Samples 5-8-89 53K
C-2709-93 Alternate Pierce Electrode 5-9-89 51K
C-2709-94 Alternate Tantalum Cup 6-14-89 29K
D-2709-95(A) Cathode Electrode Detail--Gallium Arsenide 5-10-89 26K
D-2709-96(A) Cathode Electrode Detail--Chalcopyrite 5-10-89 26K
D-2709-97(A) Alt-Cathode Electrode Detail--Chalcopyrite 5-10-89 27K
C-2709-98 Stalk Bellows Spacer Block 5-17-89 18K
C-2709-99 Cesiator Bellows Spacer Block 5-17-89 19K
C-2709-100 High Voltage Lead Bushing Nut 6-13-89 19K
C-2709-101 High Voltage Lead Bushing 7-7-89 23K
D-2709-102 Electrostatic Shield Support Clamp 7-7-89 43K
D-2709-103 Electrostatic Shield 7-7-89 45K
C-2709-104 Electrostatic Shield Cap 7-7-89 24K
C-2709-105 Cesiator Actuator Cam 7-7-89 23K
C-2709-106 Cesiator Actuator Support Bracket 7-7-89 26K
C-2709-107 Cesiator Actuator Push-Post Bracket 7-7-89 26K
C-2709-108 Cesiator Actuator Handle 7-7-89 23K
C-2709-109 Cesiator Actuator Sub-Assembly 4-3-91 50K
C-2709-110 Stalk Actuator Lead Screw 6-13-89 30K
C-2709-111 Stalk Actuator Base 6-13-89 37K
C-2709-112 Stalk Actuator Top Plate 6-13-89 26K
C-2709-113 Stalk Actuator Sub-Assembly 3-26-91 62K
C-2709-114 Ta Cup Test Fixture 6-13-89 36K
C-2709-115 Ta Cup Test Fixture Pusher 6-13-89 23K
C-2709-116 Getter Pump 7" Nipple 10-17-91 30K
C-2709-117(A) Assembly 4 1-6-92 56K
C-2709-118 VCR to Mini-Conflat Adapter 1-7-92 31K
C-2709-119 Alternate Moly "Mount" for Centering Chalcopyrite Samples 12-17-91 20K
C-2709-120 NAMELESS 1-10-92 24K
D-2709-121(A) Photocathode Gun Assembly Dimensions 5-21-91 119K
D-2709-122 Photocathode Gun Assembly (Outside) 5-21-91 44K
C-2709-123 Getter Pump 10-18-91 22K
C-2709-124 4 1/2" Elbow (MDC 250-SL, 403004) 10-18-91 32K
C-2709-125 2 3/4" - 4 1/2" Adapter Elbow 10-18-91 34K
Designed with help from Matt Inman

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