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What is the Injector Test Stand (aka Test Cave)?

The injector teststand and the associated control room, laser room and work area carry out a program of photocathode and photoemission gun research as well as development in support of polarized electron beam delivery on the main machine at JLab. This facility has a 100 keV polarized electron gun and a laser system on a beamline with a Mott polarimeter. There is also a high voltage teststand to perform field emission studies. An optical system is used in the laser room for Pockels cell studies. 

Given the need to maintain high availability for this equipment, all work in these areas and configuration changes of any system must be coordinated in advance with the appropriate person(s). 


Polarization vs wavelength, as a function of Hydrogen exposure 
(M. Baylac, VGun 2002)

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