VERDI Laser parameters

During its standard operation in the test cave, the VERDI Laser delivers an output power of  4 W (I=25.35A). When the shutter is closed, the current drops to 20.18 A. Note that before turning the Laser ON, you have to make sure that the chiller operates at a temperature of 19 C.

To acces special parameters, hit the Menu key on the controller and scroll (up/down) to get to the desired screen, then hit Select. When done, press Exit to return to the standard parameters screen.

Laser status screen

S/W version 6.00, 11/8/99
Heatsink 1 (T) 21.88 C
Heatsink 2 (T) 20.97 C
Baseplate (T) 31.76 C
Head (Hours) 2307.82
Diode 1 (Hours) 2374.36, I = 25.29A
Diode 2 (Hours) 2378.20, I = 25.36 A


Diode parameters screen

Diode 1 Voltage 1.81 V
Current 25.29 A
Photocell 3.76 V
Diode 2 Voltage 1.78 V
Current 25.36 A
Photocell 3.59 V


RS232 Baudrate setup

RS232 protocol 9600,8,N,1


The Laser controller should not be turned off. However, if you need to, make sure that you cool the LBO crystal to room temperature before you turn the power down.

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