Some pictures of our teststand


When you enter in the testcave, you can see the vertical gun which has been
removed from the main machine.

An inside view looking down in the main chamber shows the negs lying at the
bottom of the chamber, the mirror used to send light to the cathode during
activations (upper right corner), the NF3 pipe (upper left) and the cesiator
(lower left). A closeup of this area is also available.

If you look up, you can see the cathode placed by its supporting structure.
The current from the anode and anode plate are read to be used by the floating
picoammeter. A closer look show the labels on the connectors.

By looking at the horizontal position of the cesiator, you can tell whether it is
inserted or retracted.

The end of the beam line is equiped with a Mott polarimeter.

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