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Photo-Electron guns require vacuum at the lowest limits of the Ultra-High Vacuum (UHV) range, below 1x10-11 Torr, in order to maximize quantum efficiency and cathode lifetime.   The vacuum levels required for the electron gun exceed the requirements of any other portion of the CEBAF accelerator.

Extensive research has been performed within the Electron Gun Group to produce this UHV environment.  This research includes:

  • Bake temperature vs. ultimate pressure studies
  • Material Outgassing rate studies
  • Material coating studies
  • Neg materal selection and geometry studies
  • Ion pump ultimate pressure studies


SAES getter quick activation reference

SAES WP module manual

SAES GP50 / MK manual

GP50 heater pinout

SAES GP100/GP500 manual

SAES heater manual

Tech note: RGA and extractor gauge quick usage guide

Extractor gauge naming, cal factors and emission currents .pdf .xlsx

SRG calibration factors: 191535=1.017 ;   xxxxxx=1.021  ;     192066 = 0.961


SAES alkali metal dispenser manual

RGA software:  on M drive, inj_group, RGA software folder

Extractor gauge naming

Gamma SPC manual

Gamma 45 L/s pump   25 L/s pump


Solo Temperature Controller software

---- manual.pdf     setup.docx

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